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Jerome Mo

in the last week

Maybe this is not the bartender's fault that they staffed the bar sooo thin. Took me 12 min to get a beer and another 9 min for the bill. But she was talking to the customer next to me the entire time when I was patiently waiting. And while it may be an important personal matter for her to discuss with the patron but not at the expense of other customers! We all have a schedule to keep!


Lindsey Barlow

in the last week

I hate airport restaurants, but this was solid! The meat/cheese board and grilled panini cheese + tomato soup were pretty tasty. And loved the Syrah.


Susan Kellett

a month ago

Just had one of the best tomato soups ever. Waitress, Ebony, so nice and helpful and an assett to the restaurant. My go to at Charlotte Airport now!


AJ Bee

2 months ago

Our water glasses were dirty and the water was room temperature. I had ordered an old fashioned that was just watered down burbon and some plastic shavings I assume they were passing off as bitters. I rarely give such a low rating but I was truly disappointed in this meal.


Andrew Cunningham

4 months ago

I just wanted a simple beer (no fuss) and that's exactly what I was able to get. I was hungry but some of the food looked delicious. Special thanks to the bartender for looking after my belongings when I went to the restroom!

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