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Bedder Bedder & Moore is a locally owned deli known for their fresh-baked bread, handmade salads and sandwiches and daily soup specials. Their menu offers plenty of options for your whole group. We suggest the Montford special and a cup of the daily soup.

Cuisine Type: American

Ambience: Casual Dining

Price: $

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Sneaky Meade

3 months ago

Actually 3.75. Food was great, I got the rosemary roast beef with au jus and it was fantastic. The only issues were the execution. No table service, you order at the register and get your own drink, and after we did that I realized she didn't ask me what side I wanted. So I pulled the menu up on my phone, the sandwich didn't say it came with anything, so I looked at the sides and saw that they had house made chips. So I went back to the counter and asked her if I could get an order of them, which costs $4, and after I paid I came back to my table and my sandwich was there...with a bag of Lay's chips. Not cool, hence 3.75 stars. Chips came with ranch, their dressings are house made, was incredible. But the menu needs to be more clear on what you get, and perhaps she could have told me it came with chips. She did say that it came with a bowl of soup, which I declined because I didn't want it. All that being said, rather than this being a complaint, I'd rather it be informative, and if you go here the food is really good. Only open 4 days a week, 10am-3pm according to their website.


Biff Smith

6 months ago

This place used to be great. Now not so much. I brought my new production manager since I used to like this place so much. First off they now make you order at the counter, which BACKS UP FAST and is very inefficient. Then they messed up my order and brought me chips instead of fries, not a big deal, most places would fix that and immediately bring out fries. Not here at the new BB&M! They made me pay $3.25 at the table first and then 10 minutes later still no fries. How long does it take to toss some fries in a basket? Theyll never see us again. You listening OWNERS!?!


Shawnette Price

a month ago

I ordered a bacon cheese burger. Best burger in Charlotte hands down! Its just to good. Big juicy fresh ingredients with of bit of the money. Wendys could never!


Adam Peter Shinn

a year ago

We were long overdue to check out this Charlotte staple! We loved what we tried. I went with the Rosemary Roast Beef which was on a fantastic garlic bread hoagie with a plentiful amount of provolone. The Mayo was the perfect amount and the au jus complemented perfect for a french dip style sandwich. The wife went with a classic Reuben which I tried a bite of and thought was excellent. I enjoyed the crinkle cut french fries and the potato salad is a smooth and flavorful side option. I was surprised to find out we both got a free cup of soup so we went with stuffed cabbage and a spinach artichoke soup; both were rich and hearty! I also got to try a super moist salted caramel fudge brownie. And I would be tempted to say, if they maybe used 1/3 to 1/4 of the salt on top, it might be the best salted caramel brownie Ive ever had!! Staff was super friendly and I was pleased to see how busy they were inside as I was picking up our order. Ambience is a combination of purple, gray, fluorescent lighting, paintings and illustrations on the wall, and a spacious dining area. Especially during COVID, looks like theyre taking regulations seriously. - Adam from @appetiteandadventure


Thatcoolmfu1 Yo

a month ago

I love the staff. They're friendly and the food is great. My co workers eat here a lot, after I order a burger and fries I fell in love with Bedder Bedder Moore

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