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Tracy Oliver

a week ago

My husband and I went for our anniversary. The food was great and the service was nice. We received our food in a reasonable amount of time. Considering we were celebrating our anniversary I thought maybe they would have given us a free desert, bowl of fruit or something. I guess thats not their thing. Overall the food was good. The building exterior can be misleading but dont let it keep you from visiting Beef N Bottle.


Tyler West

3 weeks ago

1980 called and wants it's BS back. Do not come here. Beef n bottle is living on its reputation alone. No doubt about it. Reputation is the only thing keeping this place in business. If my steak had been $14.99, I simply would not have returned. The fact that it was $39, and my medium rare was medium well means that I had to give the negative review. There is no reason to be charging the prices that they are for what they are serving. I don't have any problem paying good money for good food, but the value is definitely not there with this "local gem". Very disappointed and would never recommend.


Dina West

3 weeks ago

One of the worst dining experiences I have had in Charlotte (and I'm born and raised, so been here a while). Service was below par and for the ridiculous prices you pay for the food, it was really disappointing. Steak was just okay, nothing out of the ordinary and my salmon tasted old. The atmosphere is also quite sad... Very dark in there with old school wood paneling. And to top off this horrible experience, when I originally asked about ordering the seafood platter and getting some items sauteed and the other items fried I was told that the kitchen would be mad if our server put that in for me. Seriously?! Anyways, you couldn't pay me to go back to this restaurant. Just a sad, dark, blah "fine dining" restaurant.


LeAdam Dawson

2 weeks ago

Excellent experience. Walked in without reservations. Sat in bar area, bartender took care of us. Not a bad bite, probably the best filet Ive ever had. Sides were good too. Thanks for a great night out!


Howard T. Perry

3 weeks ago

I've lived here all my life and never ate at BB until last night with 4 friends. We arrived at 6 pm and it must have been 80 degrees in this plywood 1950s building. The service was very good. Being a $46 steak, it wasn't any better than Longhorn. It all went well. One of my dinner mates warned before we ordered that the management would ask patrons to leave after eating. I laughed thinking he was being facetious. It's true - after you eat, and pay - they will pointblank ask you to leave to free up the table. I'm 60+ years old and never been asked to leave anywhere. I sort of understand, but it really rubbed me wrong. Someone nicely gifted me $300 at this place, so I guess I'll be returning.