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Maddie Almond

in the last week

****ATTENTION**** Me and two of my friends ordered a pizza on the 13th of July, over the phone from the Big Guys Pizza in Mint Hill . When asked how much a medium pizza was we were told 12.99. We asked for half cheese and half supreme, were told that was okay and asked what 5 toppings we wanted on the supreme side. Without being told the total, we went down expecting to pay 12.99 + tax. When we arrived they asked how we were paying, still believing it was 12.99 + tax. We took off 3.00 on a debit card and decided to do the rest in cash. After paying with a card they finally told us the remaining balance was 21$. When expressing our confusion about the price, an employee told us each topping was 1.75$ a piece. When explaining that we were told there was 5 toppings that came along with a pizza but not with an additional price. Another lady came over to see what was going on and rudely told us we should of been ordering with the menu and it was our fault. Unfortunately we didnt have a menu, and their website was down but were still forced to leave paying the unintended price. After processing the situation, we decided to return to the pizza place and give back the pizza for a refund because we werent happy with the price or poor customer service. When walking back to the door we were yet again rudely stopped outside by what was presumed to be the owner. She told us she had already heard our story from an employee and was going to educate us on how to properly order a pizza. The next 5 minutes she degraded us because of our appearance and incompetence at ordering a pizza the right way. When reexplaining the situation to her calmly and politely we told her that the website was down and we werent told a price or given a receipt and all we wanted was to kindly return the pizza and hopefully get a refund. At this point the lady that had rudely stepped in earlier at the register (with short brown hair) came out and told us how she understands how teenage girls can be confused demeaning us in the process. Upon hearing this we told them all we wanted was a refund because of their customer service and their inability to inform us about what we were purchasing. We were told their was nothing they could do and they dont want to lose money. Telling us they were not in the wrong, snuck us 5 dollars and some transparent complements to try to get rid of us. Even though we proved that they were completely in the wrong they wouldnt admit it and apologize. At this point, realizing they werent going to help us we left. WE ARE NEVER GOING BACK AND ADVISE OTHER PEOPLE TO DO THE SAME. The pizza was terrible and a ripoff because even though we got half supreme we paid a full supreme price. The customer service was horrible, worse then we had ever received in our lives!! The employees were rude, ignoring our comments, in fact one of them stormed off when airing our complaints. DO NOT GO TO THIS PIZZERIA, UNLESS YOU WANT TO SUPPORT AN AWFUL ESTABLISHMENT THAT DOSNT CAFE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS. THEY VALUE MONEY OVER CUSTOMER SERVICE AND SCAMMED US INTO BUYING ADDITIONAL TOPPINGS WITHOUT TELLING US THE ADDITIONAL PRICE.


L Bridges

2 months ago

This place has gone downhill significantly from when we first moved here in 2014. For the price of the food, you'd really expect better. The pizza is good, but it's become not worth paying for it with everything else. The "Italian" food - not so good. They can't properly strain the water off noodles before tossing it in a to-go box to send on your way. We always end up with soggy food. The customer service is severely lacking as well. Seems like the place is now primarily left to teenagers who obviously have something better to be doing than exercising responsibility. Gotta love being met with attitude or a server with the personality of drywall when you go in there. Love supporting local, but this has just become blah and not worth it. At least the Marcos delivery guys are always pleasant. The other reviews here talking about the bad customer service.....pay attention to those. If CS isn't a deal breaker for you, then no big. But if it is, yeah, Big Guys is a bust.


Leanne Barrios

a month ago

First time here and will never be back. Never have I been this disappointed in pizza before. The dough tasted like baking soda and became hard when it got cold, the sauce was bland, sausage was paper thin AND not enough cheese. Staff was not very friendly. Decor was off, felt like a thrift store. This was definitely not worth the price. Sorry "Guys," not good enough.


Carly Jane

3 months ago

I ate here tonight for the first time and was blown away. Hands down the best pizza I have ever eaten. The staff was friendly too. We ordered a medium pizza half pepperoni w/ pineapple and half ham w/ pineapple. They have rocking chairs with gumbo checkers set up in front and there is car show in the parking lot on the first Friday of each month. Highly recommend for all ages.


Ana Nikitina

in the last week

In addition to what Maddie Almond said, one of the older employees admitted to scamming people. After explaining that we werent informed of the addition price per topping she said, well thats how they get you.