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A Fox

a month ago

We love Blaze Pizza. Awesome to have answered allergy friendly option whenever we visit a city where Blaze Pizza is. Blaze does a great job with Gluten allergy and vegan cheese. A really tasty pizza and prepared safely. Also great "normal" Pizzas! Tasty topping options. We have tried Blaze in 3 cities and it's been great and consistent everywhere.


Nisha C.

2 weeks ago

Blaze is delicious!! This location specifically hasn't given me a hard time ever. I've only been to this location 3 times but all 3 times, it has been great. Most recently, I came here 2 weeks ago to make use of my Pi-day coupon, and I am so thankful we waited til the end of the month, because I've heard that on Pi-day and the week of, that it was absolutely chaotic. We went in around 7 pm and there were only a few people ahead of us. I got a regular dough pizza with pesto on the crust, red sauce, and a bunch of different veggie toppings. The staff was gracious with the amount of toppings they had put on my pizza, and I am thankful! I added a few sauces on top & a few on the side, and my pizza turned out to be absolutely freaking DELICIOUS. It was so good. I had some leftover and ate it for lunch the next day, and it was just as good. Definitely recommend!!


Amalia Futrell

3 weeks ago

Really nice pizzeria in Charlotte! Really worth the price, good service, good pizza and desserts! Highly recommended since its a nice place and the prices are really affordable unlike other prices, and the most important, the food tastes amazing. Dont have pizza pictures since they last nothing on the table! But here we go!


Zoe Chacon

3 weeks ago

If you want to pay for pizza and rude employees.. this is the perfect place for you. As soon as you walk into the restaurant, you feel like you are bothering the staff . Its like a problem for them to work. I had the worst experience and the team lead looked drugged/drunk.. so she was no help at all. A young male employee tried to help us but the girl taking the order started laughing at us. We have never been so mistreated. Save yourself the trip and go to the Korean BBQ place instead.


Angry awkward and Black

3 months ago

Super unfriendly. The older white lady does not seem like she enjoys her job at all,there was a young lady wearing a bonnet and consistently leaning on a cooler, lean in the back out of guest view. The only consistently productive and outgoing friendly individual was the short person with the locs. She was exceedingly attentive, had a smile and greeted me!the pizza was delicious, just the guest services just weren't greatest.

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