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Ramon Perez

9 months ago

I ordered the Buffalo chicken sandwich and fries. Unfortunately I took the picture after I started eating. It smelled so good that I couldn't help myself. The chicken was crispy with tons of flavor. The fries were also crispy and nicely seasoned. This was the best chicken sandwich that I've tried in Charlotte. Delicious!


Steven Beecher

4 months ago

I got the boxcar sandwich and fries. The fries were absolutely perfect! The sandwich itself was good but was a little soggy and not that nice crispy fried that I look for in a fried chicken sandwich. The bread was good and matched well with the sandwich. Not the best friend chicken sandwich I have had in Charlotte but still very good.


Taylor Anglin

7 months ago

I purchased the Boxcar sandwich and it was good. The chicken was fried perfectly. Hot, juicy and tender. The peach slaw tasted good, but I wasn't getting the peach flavors at all. The fries were amazing! The food would've been perfect if the got a different bread. It was soft, but it didn't add to the sandwich. Maybe if it was toasted it would've been better. Anyway, I enjoyed my sandwich and fries. And decently priced.


Kara Holmes

2 months ago

Good chicken sandwich at Optimist Hall. Nice stall at Optimist hall in Charlotte. Unique chicken sandwich choices. Price is reasonable. Will be back on my next visit to Charlotte, NC.


Truth & Happiness

4 months ago

I have visited this restaurant before. It's normally very good, but on this day the signature chicken sandwiches were a little off. I will try it again. I normally have the plain jane chicken sandwich and I had the fried pickles which were very good on this day. I would like to see this restaurant in different locations in Charlotte and Monroe, NC. Please try to remain consistent with the original recipes.

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