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devi srini

8 months ago

Dear Diners- aYour phone screens are not drool proof! Kindly take precautions.. We had a feast at Botiwalla. We tried their chicken malai roll, kale fritters, spdp and the lamb sliders. The flavours were a bomb. Their is lots of sloppy moments where the dressing is going to slither over your wrist and beautifully manicured fingers. There are no cutleries needed to enjoy these sinfully delicious food. Butter paneer rice was a decent serving and the Gobi 65 was a crispy fare during our second visit. They can tweak your spice level Incase you have sensitive tummy like mine. But the shout-out to the entire team out in Botiwallas Head down to Botiwalla and enjoy their fare. It is something that should be on your to-do list every weekend. It would be packed as I feel it's kinda like the eatery mall. You might have to park a bit far as they tend to be busy thru the peak hours and more.


Lucian Florian

4 months ago

Weve had an excellent experience eating here. The fried cauliflower and potatoes are so good! Vegan too. I can recommend this place and we will be back.


Raquel Nuñez

3 months ago

If you order the lamb burger (which contains 2 small burgers), get ready for some SPICE. Great service, authentic Chai (iced or hot) served with Parle-G biscuits, and tasty Mango Lassi. Miguel, the cashier, is incredibly friendly and Botiwalla does have the option to dine in-place within Optimist Hall.


Peeran B

9 months ago

Botiwala has surely maintained the same Indian ambiance at all his outlets which we have been too.. today we tried the one at Optimist Mall. We had the vada pav, kale fritters which were delicious. Then we tried the lamb and paneer roll which were well presented but lacked flavor.


Triloka Shanbhag

11 months ago

Botiwalla is located inside the Optimist food hall and serves Indian food. The restaurant is decorated in a quaint way featuring numerous nuggets of Indian memorabilia ranging from the colonial British empire to Bollywood pop culture. Loved the restaurant and the inside ambience. The food however was average at best. The Indian flavor of the dishes had been extremely diluted, I am assuming to serve the American palate. The Pav Bhaji was averages and left a lot to desire from the flavor and katti rolls were lacking quality of meat. The vada pav may have been somewhat of a saving grace.

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