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Claudia Velandia

a week ago

We had the best experience at Harriets today! The food was just as promised, hot and fast. Friendly people, and fresh, delicious food. What else can you ask for? Next time you go to Optimist Hall, do not hesitate to make your way to Harriets to enjoy their hamburgers and fries! Highly recommended!


Roy Biggers

a month ago

Very impressed with the server at the counter. Very friendly. Complete knowledge of the menu. Service was quick food came out hot and fresh The patty most deft was fresh never frozen the brioche bun wow. Great job all around. We will be back and soon


Ramon Perez

2 weeks ago

Simple menu: Burger, Burger with cheese, fries, "pop", water. The burger was delicious, fries were crispy and hot. It only took about 4 minutes and the line was long. The presentation was clean (paper bag folded and stapled, perfectly folded burger wrapper) and the staff was quick and courteous. They also have merch for sale if you REALLY like their burgers.


Rahayah the Lion

8 months ago

This is mine and my family's favorite place to get hamburgers we don't eat hamburgers anymore because you cannot trust where they're coming from with Harriet's hamburgers you can trust where they're coming from. I am a street artist of over 7 years and the manager of Harriet's came and met me selling art one day and invited me to the restaurant personally to try their hamburgers that are grass-fed beef there's no way that you're going to get anything as good as this. We study holistic so we do not eat meat much but if we're going to eat a hamburger we will not settle for anything less and that is no lie. My family likes to eat hamburgers so if I'm going to buy them when I'm going to get it from here. They have sodas that are all handmade you cannot beat it. A grandmother is 93 years old so what she eats means a lot to me so her drinking sodas and not knowing how to make her stop is very uncomfortable knowing that there's are locally made right there in Charlotte North Carolina is absolutely beautiful and I can actually trust what I'm giving to my grandmother instead of always having to deny her because I know what you buy on the shelves and from fast food places and most all restaurants in fact are nothing in comparison to the quality that you get at Harriet's hamburgers


Chase Orsini-Liberatore

a week ago

It was just OK for me. People seem to really like it based on reviews - which is why I'm leaving this at three stars because I seem to be in the minority. The first smash burger I've ever had was Sean Brock's at Husk - so the bar was set unreasonably high from the start for me. But as far as smash burgers goes, there was nothing unique about the flavor profile and I was left underwhelmed. The pickles weren't pickled long enough and tasted more like raw cucumbers and there were far too many of them that it dominated over all the other flavors. Fries were quite toothsome and salted to perfection and the artisian cane cola was a nice break from Coke. Staff was very friendly and the food came out quick for how busy they were during lunch rush. Give it a chance! You may like it.

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