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Bernita Taylor

2 months ago

My first dinner was very delicious. My sandwich was delivered promptly. Still warm, very moist even without added condiments. The cheese melted just right and the pickles were not over powering. My cane cola was great. I got a sip of my grand son's birch beer and it was a tasty alternative to regular colas. Great alternative meal for a Thursday.


tin yang

in the last week

I'm a huge fan of burgers! Harriet's Hamburger is one of the top burgers in my books that I've ever ate and its pretty darn juicy and fresh. The down fall is that its a bit pricey for the whole meal and they charge extra for sauces and they don't have much added onto the burger itself. I would rather pay the amount I paid for at Harriet's at Five Guys to have more add on to my burger and double the amount of fries. But other than its a great place to eat if you ever stop at Optimist Hall.


Alexander Hassan

3 months ago

I never normally write reviews unless they render one. But this is the best hamburger that I have ever had in Charlotte. The best touch of this is the note in the bag. That makes the food that much better. We have all been through a lot and I am more than happy to give Harriet's burger the support. I will be suggesting this place to all of my friends. This is officially my new favorite burger spot. Better than Pinkys!


bread hamwich

in the last week

This is a burger place for burger dudes. Its like a angel gave you a kiss when you take a bite. I think the cheeseburger cures covid, not sure, but probably. Adrian and Stephanie rule. That Stephanie is a sauce master. Holy love of god don't go to another burger spot. Only Harriet's uses the Earth's vibrations to make these meats. 5 eggplants out of 5.


Lanita Wilks

a month ago

I eat a burger maybe five times a year, and Ive eaten a lot of burgers in my life these are by far the BEST burgers Ive ever eaten! Its a simple burger but everything about it is A+. Im not even a soda drinker but I tried their craft black Cherry soda and it is delicious!!! Lastly, not a complaint but a critique the fries are sub par. Not bad but also not good. The dipping sauces save them.

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