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8 months ago

Impressive selection of baked goods. I didnt know what I was in the mood for so I went with one of my old faves- a cinnamon churro like twist. It also said Vegan on the sign. The young man at the register was telling me they also have food. Good to know! Ill try something else next time.


Jennifer Estrada

4 months ago

AMAZING. I hope this place NEVER goes out of business. Apart from the aesthetic being beautiful, it looks like the owner put so much effort into this business. The young lady at the register was so helpful and kind. The food was A1. Will definitely be coming back (a lot lol) this is my new favorite place to come grab a bite. Thank you! :)


Karla Fischbach

10 months ago

When I first discovered OH, I got so excited to see a Cuban restaurant and ordered my main meal from here. It was so good, I came back the next day *awkward smile* The Good: although Im Latina, Im not sure Ive had authentic Cuban food so I cant speak to that. I can say that what I got was absolutely delicious and my mother, also Latina, loved it as well. We got the Ropa Vieja with an extra side of Maduros and Tres Leches for desert. Everything was FANTASTIC!! The tres leches cake was so good, not too sweet, and very (insert gross M word adjective). The rice and beans had nice flavor and went well with the Ropa Vieja. Highly recommend getting sides of the Mojo sauce if youre a fan of garlic (I can literally drink the stuff). My mom and I split everything and were stuffed so I feel the portions were great. The Meh: nada The Bad: nada again. This place is amazing. Again, cant speak to the authenticity like some reviews mention, but it is DAMN good food.



a year ago

Delicious! Got the Chicken Cubano Sandwich. Very filling so definitely shareable. Tried the Vanilla and Chocolate Truffles...Vanilla was like cookie dough and chocolate was like a fudge brownie; a little heavy but not too sweet.


Melissa B

a month ago

Wow, straight to the trash it went. This isnt me complaining for money back or anything, I just wanted to share my experience. I rarely ever write reviews, only when Im highly disappointed or highly impressed. Well, TLDR; I would not recommend this location. I remember going to the shop on Park Road back in 2017, and I was quite pleased with the goods there and became a fan since. When this one opened in Optimist, I began visiting this one instead as Im a lot closer. Im an occasional visitor, nothings that impressive there, but I enjoy baked goods after eating. In the beginning, it was good. A bit overpriced, but I didnt mind. After every visit, it just became lacking but never inedible until today when I tried it tonight. It was disgusting. As a baker and ex pastry chef, this was so horrendous that it made me angry. I just tossed it in the trash. Your salted caramel brownie was so salty, I could taste the ocean. The first bite I took I just spit out. I was in disbelief. I tried another side of it, thinking maybe it was just that one area. Nope. I couldnt eat it, it was just a bar of salt, not even the dark chocolate can atone for its saltiness. Ive had this a multitude of times here, never had I ever bit into a bar of salt. Next, I tried the chocolate chip cookie. For sure no one can mess up a chocolate chip cookie? Nope. It tasted like a refrigerator. I took another bite, thinking maybe I was mistaken. No, it tasted like you left it unwrapped properly, put it in a fridge and then out to serve. I understand that youre a growing and busy business and sometimes things are mass prepped/made, but there sure is a lack of quality recently.

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