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brenda escobar

3 months ago

I loved it!!! Tasty, fresh, thick, and colorful! You can taste all the vegetables without overpowering the pork broth. The egg was cooked perfectly, it was easy to mix, and easy to eat. Just a little pricey for me.


Tonya Johnson-Jenkins

3 months ago

Stopped here at daughters request and we ordered the fried chicken bao bun, bulgogi bao bun, and miso ramen. Chicken was a little too crunchy and dry for our liking and was difficult to bite through the meat. The bulgogi was cooked better but needed a little more sauce. The bao bun was extremely fresh, fluffy and yummy. My daughter said she enjoyed her miso ramen bowl with chicken and other toppings. Check it out for yourself.



a year ago

We were in the mood for something different. We tried the Pork Belly Bun, Tofu and Falafel. The Tofu had the strong spicy flavor my husband prefers. The pork was real good, too! The falafel wasnt bad. I was impressed with the employees working so hard getting orders out- they look very organized and together. Well be back!


Tamia Tyler

a month ago

I will not be coming back here!!! I wanted to like this place so badly but I was not satisfied at all. The vegan ramen was so bland, I had to go home and season the ramen myself and it was much better. For the price they dont give a lot of noodles, I had more broth than noodles in my humble opinion and the noodles were super thin. I would have been better off making my famous vegan ramen at home.


Midwest Reviews

10 months ago

The food was delicious, but the workers working there were strange. I pointed out to them that the price of the food was incorrect ($12.99 instead of $12 as advertised), and the worker told me he didnt understand what I was talking about. After some clarification, he explained that the prices listed were not correct and that they tacked on the extra $0.99 (not tax) for everyone. I said whatever and paid, but the whole interaction was incredibly awkward. Not sure why they do that; I personally would rather have correct advertisement because Ill pay whatever price is listed. The bao buns were still yummy; I got the Belly Bun, Falafel Bun, and Fried Chicken Bun. I preferred Belly and Fried Chicken ones, but they were all good.

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