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Gabe Slesinger

in the last week

My $20 (with modest tip) 12-inch pizza was drenched in sauce and toppings and the crust was under-risen and undercooked. Charlottes pizza scene is really pathetic and this is sadly no exception. It does not make me feel good to write about anyones business this way, but if it says Neapolitan, there has to be a higher bar.


Frank Balthazar

a week ago

Really good pizza! Staff at register was nice. On pick end, the chef couldnt get his eyes off his phone to give us our order. So sorry we broke him away from his phone.


Angie Cross

a month ago

Everyone at our table was quite pleased. Prices were appropriate. Food is similar to a cafe in Portland I liked.


Jacqueline Telljohann

9 months ago

The last of the new Optimist Hall tenants we tried was this place. Compared to the other vendors, it's a bit of a pain because they don't have pagers so you have to stand there and wait for your food. Everywhere else we went gave us a pager so we could go find a table and wait. We got a small prosciutto pizza. I really liked it as far as the flavors went. The size to price ratio is definitely off. A small pizza is $13 and it's a personal pizza, probably not even enough for one person for a meal. Compared to the small at Inizio which is $13-15 and twice the size, it's not a great deal here. I might come back here if I were at Optimist Hall.


Suzanne Strength

9 months ago

The crust of this pizza is thin, but not crispy. It was had to pick up for my 7 year old niece, and perhaps too goopy for some, but it was just perfect for me. The crust and the edges of the pepperoni had a beautiful char from the wood fire oven. The cheese was melted perfectly and the sauce was tangy. Really delicious.