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Anna Michaud

6 months ago

This is a great spot to spend an afternoon or evening (or both!). So many good restaurants to choose from... highly recommend Harriet's! The cocktail bar and brewery on the lower level are fantastic to hang out and dog-friendly outside. Can't wait to bring our friends from out of town and hang out on the patio when it warms up.


T Bird

a year ago

I enjoyed my family double date night with my niece and nephew. This was my first time here and I was not disappointed. The dumpling lady! The Velvet tacos! All I will say is great vibes, food, and drinks. Kid friendly as well. We came home and told the kids how we could not wait to go back as a family.


christina chastain

11 months ago

Overall a great concept for eating out with friends that want different cuisine options. A little trendy, younger crowd...good for the surrounding apartments. I am more accustomed to sit down restaurants with really good food and service. It is dog friendly, cute dog treat store inside. Some people don't like dogs when they're eating but at this mall food court feel it is accepted. Probably won't be a second visit but the people were nice and we went to 5 different restaurants there.


C Amoy

10 months ago

It was my first trip to Optimist hall. The flow and decorum was industrial, minimalist and comfortable. I loved that you can bring a nice group with you and there is space to seat your party. The deck and lower seating area provides plenty of space and shade. All this is a blessing as people can eat and congregate while socially distant from one another. The selection of food to chose from is nice and diverse, but a bit on the pricey side for "street" style cuisine. It's a nice place to go out with the family or friends to have a bite, beverage and a chance to people watch. There are a few non food item shops and may be more, since I only hit one section of the Hall on the second floor. Over all a great place to visit


Sean Mears

a week ago

Such an amazing experience! The most difficult part of any trip to Optimist Hall is picking which amazing place to eat at. There's so much good food, it is usually necessary to eat at one restaurant and get dinner or tomorrow's lunch to go. Harriet's Hamburgers is the best ever. Parking is convenient and abundant, all of the restaurants and eateries are super-clean, and the location is convenient for just about everyone in the Charlotte area.

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