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Michelle Leung

11 months ago

We stopped by for a quick lunch at Optimist Hall, and though it had a lot of selections of great-looking food options to choose from, Im glad we chose mezeh. We built 2 bowls, and this was easily enough for a very filling meal for 3 people. The prices are great especially given how much food there was! It was cool that we could choose as many toppings as we wanted and I especially enjoyed the multiple hummus options, peppers, falafel, and crunchy chickpeas.


Stefanie Liebhold

a year ago

Tried out this new restaurant at Optimist Hall, and I was super happy to see a Mediterranean type place being added to Optimist Hall. The person behind the counter was very helpful with my order, the choices of meat and vegetarian were plenty, the ingredients you can add to your bowl were all delicious and the price for a bowl was great. $10 for a dinner at Optimist Hall that keeps me full, is a deal! I would definitely come back!


El Guapo

4 months ago

So good! The bowl is where it's at. Pack it full with delicious quality ingredients for a single fair price. Best kept secret at Optimist Hall, keep looking until you find it.


Natasha Thomas

7 months ago

I didn't eat all of my bowl when I bought it. I am eating it 2 days later and it's still good. I did get kale so it will hold longer than mixed greens. This was my first time eating here. All of the food had a very fresh taste which is a plus for me. I was nervous about trying this place because I am unfamiliar with most of the the items that they had to put together the bowl and mostly how the flavors would work together. I was impressed. If I am in the area, I will try them again.


Lucy Helene

6 months ago

Lots of fresh food options! I built a bowl and was able to pick my ingredients from tons of toppings! The bowl was pretty large and I will have leftovers for tomorrow! Optimist Hall is a great setting and offers plenty of seating. We will definitely be back!

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