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William Garcia

a week ago

The Kale and Squash salad with chicken added might be my next healthy addiction.


Sodi Braide

5 months ago

Terrible service. We ordered 3 salads, were the only customers present at the time of ordering and were told it would take 10-15 min. 30 min later, we were still waiting. We could see no obvious sign of intense activity which would indicate a great number of orders before ours: during the 30-min wait, 2-3 other salads were delivered! A salad is (theoretically) a mix of pre-prepared ingredients, I find it hard to believe it could take so long. When we inquired as to what was going on, the only reply was : "we are a small kitchen with very few people". If you can't guarantee service in 10 min, you should definitely not be announcing that to customers. Ah yes, and I forgot: one of the salads was lacking some ingredients, we had to go back and request them...


Lisa Ruch

4 months ago

This is the third time I have ordered the Village Cobb salad and the chicken has been left out. How hard is it to make a salad with all of the ingredients?! Time to find a new salad place. 3 strikes-youre out.


Emily Scott

4 months ago

Foods great but when Im charged two dollars for avocado.it should be more than two slivers of avocado


Ashley Carter

9 months ago

This was one of the worst food/service experiences I have ever had. I went on a Saturday evening, but there were no customers at the Village Juice aside from me. I asked the cashier which salad she recommended, and she said the Kale and Squash (which is essentially kale, squash and avocado). I order the salad, and when she gives it to me, it feels very lightweight and empty. I take it back to my table to open it up, and there's no avocado! I take the salad back to the same person to tell her, and she snottily informs me they have no ripe avocados and therefore she couldn't put any in. I say, that was half the reason I got the salad and don't understand why she didn't tell me (AND why on earth she would recommend a salad they didn't have the ingredients for). She says rudely "what do you want me to do about it", and I'm like I don't know, maybe put like a second ingredient in the $11 salad? Long story short, I ask for Brussels sprouts, she puts maybe 3 in my salad, and the girl behind her working behind the window gives me the middle finger. I walk away with my bowl feeling angry and cheated, and clearly no one there cares in the slightest. Their website gives no obvious way to contact them. My recommendation? Avoid this place at all costs, it's a waste of money and horribly offensive service.

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