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Jennifer Bullock

a month ago

When a restaurant has a long line its always a good sign. The dumplings were incredibly delicious. Its a little pricey but that taste was out of this world. I had the sweet pork belly dumplings and would highly recommend. The cashier wasnt in much of a rush, I wasnt greeted as I went to the counter, in fact she did several other tasks slowly as I patiently waited. Maybe an off day for her, regardless would go again for the yummy food.


Gao Yiengyouav

3 months ago

We got the Sichuan pork noodles and the noodles were way overcooked. I'm not trying to be rude because this is just my honest opinion. Maybe some people like the super, super soft texture, but not my preference. The flavor was also just okay... definitely missing the wow factor but not too bad either. We got the pork and chives as well and they weren't bad. The texture of the dumplings were soft and great but again, I felt like they were missing something. Overall everything was okay. Not the best but not the worst.


Alex Wolfe

10 months ago

Wow these 1 star reviews need to go to P.F. Chang's. This is the most authentic Szechuan style Chinese spot I've found in all of Charlotte. If you can't handle the spice and bursting flavors then it will come across as one-note until you get used to it. Keep up the great work and looking forward to seeing a sit-down restaurant with beef and lamb options !


Rebekah Clevenger

4 months ago

The soup dumplings were delicious, but 5 definitely wasn't enough for a meal. We also got the pork dumplings, which were good. It was a 20 minute wait, dumplings were clearly frozen (which is t a bad thing cuz they do make them!!) It just means they weren't hot, just almost kinda warm. Overall, definitely needed to spend more like 40 $ to eat for 2. But now i know! It'd be a great snack probably when it's less busy.


Katie Espiritu

a month ago

Food is delicious!!!! Cashier was extremely nice. My son accidentally crack the glass to my chili sauce and she replaced it with no questions asked. Great service:)

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