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Tamia Tyler

2 weeks ago

I ordered the vegan pan fried dumplings and I must say I was expecting way more flavor, it wasnt really giving at all and I didnt really have a pleasant experience. For one they gave my order to somebody else by accident and I had to wait, no compensation for my time or anything. The lady taking my order seemed like she didnt want to be there, I didnt enjoy the customer service at all and the dumplings werent good enough for me to come back here. I wont be returning.


Jonathan Batista

a year ago

Very tasty dumplings. Decent amount served as well. I wish I knew these were fried but the flavor was great. Would love to go back and try more. Duke energy employees are the luckiest that they have all these options right in their own building.


Triloka Shanbhag

a year ago

The Dumpling lady is located inside Optimist food hall and serves Dumplings, noodles and some other items. I tried the chicken and shrimp dumpling as well as the pork option. Both were great! The chili oil dipping sauce that accompanies the dumplings was great. Service was great, the food was ready rather quickly. Slight warning if you want to eat a particular item on the menu, I visiting around the restaurants closing time so the selection of available dumplings was small.


Tonya Johnson-Jenkins

a month ago

Ordered the chengdu style dumplings from here since it was listed as a crowd favorite on the menu. The dumplings were very, very tasty. Flavor was a little like a chili powder based flavor. We all sampled them and everyone enjoyed them. Would love to come back and try other dumpling options the next time as well.


Janssen Liu

8 months ago

The flavorfulness of those soup dumplings at the dumpling lady is just ridiculous!! The soup dumplings were hearty, tasty, just a symphony for your palate The noodles were also on point when it comes to taste, but for my taste a little too much overcooked. I guess it was due to too many customers during lunchtime. But the taste was definitely great! Pro Tip: their chili oil is astonishing, they also sell them in jars, so if you are a chili oil aficionado, don't forget to buy a jar

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