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Ramon Perez

2 months ago

Simple menu: Burger, Burger with cheese, fries, "pop", water. The burger was delicious, fries were crispy and hot. It only took about 4 minutes and the line was long. The presentation was clean (paper bag folded and stapled, perfectly folded burger wrapper) and the staff was quick and courteous. They also have merch for sale if you REALLY like their burgers.


Karla Fischbach

10 months ago

I ordered a burger and fries for delivery tonight because, every time Ive gone to Optimist Hall, Ive been sucked in by the delicious ethnic food choices and didnt want to give in to traditional American comfort food. Im so glad I decided to give them a try today after seeing someones Yelp pic of a Juicy Lucy! The Good: top 3 best burgers Ive ever had. Hands down. I got a single patty with extra cheese, pickles, onion, and added ketchup and mustard. I dont know how some reviewers have said the patty was dry and flavorless because mine was not. The wrapper was so hard to remove from the burger - it was that juicy and gooey and amazing - my favorite type of burger. The flavors were amazing. The cheese, special sauce, fat from the burger - just incredible. The fries were good too but came cold so I bet theyre amazing when theyre hot and fresh. The chance you take with delivery I suppose. The burger, before adding extra cheese, was around $10 which I think is a fair price for the quality and amount. The burger was super filling so I wasnt left feeling like I needed more bang for my buck. The Meh: maybe because I was ordering online and I see reviews saying the Juicy Lucy is a secret menu item but there was no way to order this online which stinks for me since I dont drive and only get to OH via light rail. Really wanted one tonight, though, and couldnt get it. Definitely gonna go in person sometime to try it. The Bad: nothing. This place is amazing. Give this a try if youre a fan of messy, gooey, delicious burgers!


Chase Pasour

8 months ago

The burger itself was actually very good and fresh. I really liked the fries too as they were quite hot too! However, I would like to see more options as far as toppings on their menu. I couldnt even get tomato on my burger. I also did not appreciate how the staff interacted with us. They were very brunt and cut us off during our sentences. The person helping us was unwilling to provide the things we requested. The quality of the food is great but the options and service are subliminal.



a year ago

This is one of my favorite places to get a burger hands down. I like the thin patties that have the crispy edges and they always get it right here! The quality speaks for itself and I love the sauce selections too! A must try in optimist hall! Plus the staff is friendly and customer service is a priority for them, you can tell!


Raquel S

a year ago

Harriets makes a pretty burger! Branding and packaging are definitely on point at this burger place! Its a well made burger, definitely one of the top 5 burgers in Charlotte. The flavor of the simple sauce didnt really come through on the burger the way it was intended so I recommend ordering extra sauce. If the bun was buttered and toasted I think it would knock this up a notch. The fries were ok but nothing special. I did reheat them in my air fryer to get them hot and crispy again. Probably could benefit from a little more salt.

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