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Michelle Leung

a year ago

We stopped by for a quick lunch at Optimist Hall, and though it had a lot of selections of great-looking food options to choose from, Im glad we chose mezeh. We built 2 bowls, and this was easily enough for a very filling meal for 3 people. The prices are great especially given how much food there was! It was cool that we could choose as many toppings as we wanted and I especially enjoyed the multiple hummus options, peppers, falafel, and crunchy chickpeas.



3 weeks ago

First time at Mezeh. My husband was in the mood for Mediterranean. The people ahead of us were ordering and I tried to listen for the details like how much protein, etc. we can get in each bowl. My husband chose veggie Kufta & I went with the chicken Shawarma as my protein. I love all the colorful options! After a man, he kept smiling, I didnt catch his name, took care of our protein choices, the other employee, a woman proceeded to add other toppings & then cashed us out. I wish she would smile, speak to us a bit. Something. She may have been tired. I always take notes about friendly employees. I believe the people are part of a food experience. Id like to go back & try again. When we finally got around to eating. We enjoyed the flavor profiles and the bowls are really filling. I actually couldnt finish mine, so I had it a few hours later. My husband always keeps a cooler in the car and we added some ice so it stayed fresh. The next time you are in Optimist Hall, give them a try. you cant go wrong with this healthy mediterranean option!


Stefanie Liebhold

a year ago

Tried out this new restaurant at Optimist Hall, and I was super happy to see a Mediterranean type place being added to Optimist Hall. The person behind the counter was very helpful with my order, the choices of meat and vegetarian were plenty, the ingredients you can add to your bowl were all delicious and the price for a bowl was great. $10 for a dinner at Optimist Hall that keeps me full, is a deal! I would definitely come back!


El Guapo

7 months ago

So good! The bowl is where it's at. Pack it full with delicious quality ingredients for a single fair price. Best kept secret at Optimist Hall, keep looking until you find it.



4 months ago

Awesome experience. It was our 1st time there and they had lots of options to choose from. It was a bit overwhelming but we managed to get a little bit of everything. The food was seasoned perfectly and a good portion size. I eat large portions but I couldn't finish the bowl while I was there. Everything tasted fresh. If you love Greek/mediterranean food, you won't be disappointed. It's probably the best I've had so far. 2 bowls with at least 6 add ons each was about $30 at the Charlotte location.

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