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Heather Curatolo

7 months ago

Love Felix Handmade Empanadas in Charlotte North Carolina. They usually have about eight different selections but this time I got the bacon egg and cheese, the chorizo and the fig and goat cheese. All of them were so delicious. Crispy on the outside and savory on the inside. Definitely cant wait to try other flavors.


Tonya Johnson-Jenkins

a month ago

We were really looking forward to our order and we got to sample the results, we ended up a little disappointed with our selections. It was not terrible and maybe there were better options on the menu to our liking that we did not know about. We ordered the 3 for $ 12 sampler empanada options here. 1. The Carnitas option we ordered was just ok. 2. The other one we ordered was the Cubana one which was recommended by the worker and that one was a hard no as soon as we took one bite. Both of us did not care for the strong taste at all. Kind of dry. 3. The last selection was the chicken and it was also ok. Needed a sauce and maybe a slaw filler to improve the outcome.


Bryant Ardila

9 months ago

The EMPANDAS WERE AMAZING! I'm Colombian and I often make fun of other cultures empanadas because they are filled with air and no meat ... But these Empanadas are so authentic and amazing! Deff a must eat and must try.


Taryn Black

2 months ago

UPDATE: After the owner responded and said we experienced a chicken batch that was made incorrectly, my sister went back and tried one again (I live in NY, so I could not go). She said it was DELICIOUS, flavorful, and definitely 5 stars. Thank you Felix for inviting us back to try again! *************** 2 stars, but the extra star is for the really sweet girl at the cash register and for the amount of meat they stuff into the empanada (no air, impressive). However, the chicken empanadas we ordered were so bland. No flavor to be found; not in the crust nor in the meat. Salt is not flavor. Really disappointed.


Norma Martinez

3 months ago

I only had one empanada, the chicken. However it was full of flavorful meat, very tasty. The crust was perfect. I would definitely try it again.

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