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William Smith

3 months ago

Last night Billy Sunday hosted a New Years party and it was absolutely AMAZING. Food was great, drinks were great, and the service was EXCELLENT. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a great drinks in a great atmosphere. They made our New Years evening extra special and we will definitely be looking out for any events they throw in the future!


Sarah Halbedl

3 months ago

Wanted to like this place as its been on our list and we walk by it every time at Optimist. Finally decided to give it a try and was less than impressed. Wasn't super busy for a Saturday night and sat at the bar. The atmosphere was off a bit and they didn't have the best selection of liquor on the shelves for a cocktail bar. The drinks were less than impressive and overloaded with crushed ice. Whenever I asked the bartender for a cocktail suggestion served up, she couldn't recommend one (not a single one). You work at a cocktail bar and think you'd be able to think of something. My boyfriend ordered an espresso martini and it was one of the more disappointing ones we've had. Finished our drinks and left. Don't think we'll come back.


Cody Hamilton

4 weeks ago

Loved our experience with Annie!!! She was fantastic, thank you for such a good time


Nik Jones

4 months ago

The drinks were really creative and the staff was helpful and friendly. Definitely visiting again soon. The ambiance is very chill and they had old school hip hop playing, definitely feeling the vibes. The bartenders were very knowledgeable and helpful when it came to us picking out cocktails.


Emily Laverty

6 months ago

Drink was good (SPF 100) but was 3/4 ice. It wouldve been better if it was at least in a larger cup with more mixer in it (not even saying alcohol, but it was a drink I was sipping with my lunch and had barely any substance.) Also, not a huge fan of the 25% automatic gratuity included. I hate to be that person, but tips are earned based on your friendliness, and our bartender was not the most pleasant- Yet he still got the tip. Also, if youre paying $15 for one drink, it shouldnt be in a plastic cup.

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