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Asha E

4 months ago

Billy Sunday is my favorite bar in Charlotte. Despite its location at Optimist Hall, its never too busy or too crowded to enjoy. I do love that they added more reasonable items to their snack menu, but I understand they have to keep it easy since they dont have a kitchen and partner with AVA (I believe) upstairs. The cocktail selection is phenomenal. Ive recently started getting into craft cocktails and Im always willing to pay the price for a well-crafted libation - which Billy delivers on. The bartenders and service are great. Its a beautiful bar, with a nice patio and, in the winter, they break out the most beautiful lamp heaters. Inside, the ambiance is romantic and chill with low lights and an upscale feel, all while being one of the most laidback bars in town. Highly recommend.


Nate Powe

3 months ago

Billy Sunday is easily my favorite bar. The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable. The ambiance is always on point with relaxing decor and music to set the vibe. The drinks are a little pricey, but well worth it for skillfully made craft cocktails. Check the menu at different times of year to see their seasonal drinks that get rotated out to keep things fresh. The outside patio is a great place to hangout when it's nice out. They have heaters for when it's more on the chilly side. The patio is dog friendly too. Occasionally they have live music as well. I saw some reviews complaining about the amount of ice in their drinks, but what they fail to understand is that you're still getting the same amount of liquor in your drink. They do add a lot of ice to the drinks to keep them cold, but if you watch the bartenders make your drinks you'll see that they don't skimp on the alcohol. Something to be aware of is that they automatically charge a 20% gratuity on the check so keep that in mind. They also don't allow outside food, but sell their own snacks. You can take cocktails togo around the hall though.


Chase Tucker

a month ago

This place has potential, the cocktails are creative and its a great location. However the service continues to be horrible. There is no acknowledgement of guest entering their establishment despite several workers being present. A Hello or any type of greeting would go a long way. There is a sign for please wait to be seated but no one comes over to help you or even notice you are there. The bar is empty but the bartender cant be bothered to lift her head to say hello after 10 mins. I hope they fix it. The spindle bar upstairs is attendant quick with just as delicious cocktails.


Dear Reader

2 months ago

Honestly I had the best cocktail Ive had in Charlotte here! I asked for Negroni and for the first time I wasnt served cough syrup mixed with juice. They forgot the orange peel, but that didnt bother me too much. However, they impose a mandatory 20% upcharge in lieu of gratuity. Four drinks came to $60. This would have been fine except (1) we had to go look for the waiter, (2) after ordering our first round we never saw the waiter again. Tips are earned, and I would not have tipped the waiter because he didnt do anything except take the order and bring it out. There was no value add. I dont understand why they dont just raise their drink prices, then let their staff put in effort for a tip?


Scott Wilezol

a year ago

I enjoyed my experience here today. Its a beautiful day and BS had great outdoor seating. The staff was friendly. The bartenders mixed some very good cocktails... they also have an unusually large amaro collection, if youre into that (i am). I recommend for a date or just a few drinks out with friends. Was pleasantly surprised!

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