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Maddy S

3 weeks ago

This is my favorite place to get pizza in town! Its so amazing and everything on the menu is delicious. Aside from the food, the customer service is outstanding. The servers were very attentive and friendly. They are also taking measures to keep everybody safe which I liked. Definitely recommend this place to everyone!


Wayne Miller

a year ago

Seriously good pizza! I would have taken a pic of the ceasar salad too, but it was so incredible it disappeared before I had a chance! Check it out, you won't be disappointed!


Tim Yu

2 weeks ago

This review is more on the online order then the food. I used ChowNow from google maps to order my pizzas at 5pm and it gave me a time of 5:46 curbside pickup. I got to the restaurant and inquired after 20 minutes of waiting. I was told that the time would. It be accurate. I waited over 30 minutes to get my food. Never using this service again. Horrible experience.


Shannon McFarland

4 weeks ago

The girls that run the front do a great job and are friendly. Get a pie! Pizza is obviously their best menu item. The rest of the food is inconsistent in flavor. We have our favorites but once in a while the meat sauce is a bit oily, the stuffed pasta is small in portion, and the sauce (marinara?) that comes with baked dishes seems "flat." One of my favorite appetizers is the zucchini sticks/straws. I'm sure availability has much to do with their choices but the skinny version was 100% better than the thicker version they've gone back and forth on. We're still loyal to our local Brooklyn Pizza Parlor, I just couldn't justify the last star.


Rod Delia

5 months ago

This is the sorry excuse of a sandwich I got tonight. Not to mention i didn't get the fries i paid for.....Update...the sandwich was good just lacking meat