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Matt Quinn

a month ago

We enjoyed our dinner. Capishe has a nice open atmosphere and the service is prompt. Everyone working was very nice and accommodating. We will definitely be back again to try more of the pasta and the sandwiches. We didnt love the pizza and although the salad was pretty good we would probably try something else next time. Atmosphere/location/layout: 5/5 Staff: 5/5 Pizza: 2.5/5 Salad: 3.5/5 Pasta: 4/5 Gelato (not pictured): 5/5


87 Freshh

5 months ago

Love the setup of this restaurant! It is clean, you can see in the kitchen, which means they have nothing to hide!. My food was fresh and flavorful! It didn't take long for my meal to come out and they have plenty of seating(indoor &outdoor).


Dame 0

a month ago

Staff is friendly. Food is delicious. Fresh ingredients and alot of flavor. The food was lite yet filling at the same time. Love the indoor/outdoor seating arrangement too. I had trouble with my parking ticket so i called the store while in the garage and the manager helped me out and made sure i was taken care of. Really good experience for a first time at this restaurant. I will be back lol



7 months ago

Hit or miss. Ive been a big fan of Capishe since the middle of 2020, however, the last few visits have been very disappointing. I recently placed an order for pick up that did not meet basic expectations. I ordered a prosciutto pizza and paid extra for added pepperoni. The pizza did not even come with prosciutto and instead came with pepperoni and onions. I also arrived 5 minutes early for pick up to find that my order was ahead of schedule, however, both the pizza and wings were not noticeably hot. By the time we got home just a few blocks away, food was almost at room temp. I sent an email about my issue but received no response.


Amanda Z

10 months ago

Ordered garlic parmigiana chicken wings, house made pasta, rigatoni with chicken, and caprese salad. They sent out spicy marinara chicken wings. While eating the spicy marinara, my husband told the hostess that we received the wrong order. The host came and took them away while I was eating them. Typically you leave the food on the table or ask if they would like to take it away. There was definitely a language barrier and possibly a cultural difference; we couldnt understand one another. No negativity regarding this, just an observation. House made pasta, rigatoni with chicken was good. The chicken was a little over cooked. The caprese salad was delicious! The garlic parmigiana chicken wings were good. A little greasy from the cheese. 1:14 pm to 2:09 pm cost $5 at the local parking garage.

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