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Criss Nosnibor

6 months ago

Avoid if you have food allergies, special diet or intolerances. They will not substitute. Also, the area where utensils were was not clean. My pasta dish had cream & cheese. After I told them I couldnt eat dairy. Twice.


Renee Oresha Ballard

2 months ago

These people are scandalous. The woman, a cashier, kept my business debt card after paying for my salad. Then this morning I found charges of about 2000$ taken from my card. To top it off, there were 2 hairs in my food. They dont wear hair nets?! Im on my way out of the country to help children, but i have to contact the police first. Stay away from here. If you are the manager I would suggest you handle this situation appropriately, and find the bad apple/s in your crew. Capishe


John Wright

3 weeks ago

I like ordering at the counter and sitting down serving ourselves. The woodfired wings were good, maybe a bit too dry. The pasta seemed homemade. We had a variety of desserts and a glass of fruity red wine. overall we would go back and do recommend to others for casual Italian.


Bill Ma

8 months ago

Pretty good Italian food at very reasonable prices. Pasta was delicious and well-cooked. Pizza was soggy and not as good, which was disappointing, but still decent for the price. Maybe it was an off-day; I will have to try again some day soon.


Soham Joshi

5 months ago

It's not that good, the food was flavorless. The vibe was good. We ordered 1 margarita pizza and 1 white sauce pizza, in both the sauce quantity was very less and too much crust, hence it tasted like bread. I mean we expected more sauce with that price

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