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Safiya Parker

in the last week

This was the starting place for a bar crawl event we attended. The vibe was nice. If you're familiar with a place called "Busboy & Poet" in DC/MD it gives off that same environment with a hookah lounge option. Didnt stay long but from what we experience, it gives real chill/kickback.


L Leach

3 weeks ago

The bean burger is AMAZING!! I was skeptical in ordering it bc I typically don't like bean burgers bc they're real "beanie" tasting if you know what I mean, but the waitress swore that it wasn't and I would enjoy it. I took a chance and She was absolutely right!! Best bean burger I ever had seriously! You won't be disappointed. It's well seasoned as well


amy galarza

a month ago

This place gets one star because the decor is super cute and the front door girl was super sweet! Otherwise than that the drinks are terrible the service was the top worst experience at an establishment. Not only is there NO seating organization, the servers take really long, the drinks take even longer and guess what, an hour after we ordered our hookah it never came out and we never saw the server again until we got aggravated and wanted to pay the bill. The only good thing that came out of this is we found the BEST SPOT for hookah and a good vibe at CRAVE 10 mins away. Thank you for helping us find a gem bc this aint it! #hotGARBAJ


Sahara Stevenson

2 months ago

Jordan displayed EXCELLENT customer service, he makes great conversation and makes bomb drinks because of that I will definitely be back. Thanks so much!!


Riley Wells

2 months ago

Just missed the mark, not only is it all a Sysco or USfoods commercial product but they up charge as they have been taught to do and then failed. Your chili fries taste like old bay which says seafood which means you have no idea how flavors works, or your oil is bad and taste like seafood which you dont offer much of.?????

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