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Megan Johnson

in the last week

Took a terrarium class there a couple days ago. Second time I have visited this store and both have been negative experiences. First visit, they sold my friend a pot and then told her she shouldnt actually plant anything in it because it was metal and wouldnt be good for the plant. Umm, so why are you selling a pot in a plant store that isnt actually recommended for growing a plant? Then the terrarium class. I guess they dont actually limit the number of people who can sign up. Or maybe they think they are better organized than they are. There were probably twice the number of attendees than there was space and supplies to accommodate. I would like to say it was organized chaos, it wasnt, it was just chaos. It didnt start on time, instructions werent really given. Then there were limited supplies so people were basically throwing elbows to try and get the items they wanted to set up their terrariums. The staff said if you need anything, just flag one of them down. Good luck with that, they werent anywhere to be seen. My supply box wasnt ready when I arrived. Then when they made me a new one, it didnt contain the essential elements and I had to go forage for them. And they feature drinks (beer, wine, mimosas.). But good luck getting one. The staff all moves at about half speed. While they are all very nice and polite, their idea of customer service is being nice but it doesnt really include efficiency or organization. I would not recommend the classes. Or their plants (really expensive comparatively.). Or their pots since some of them apparently arent recommended for growing plants. Or their drink service. And since those are the only things they offer, I would give it a miss.


Chole Taylor

3 weeks ago

Plant house was such an amazing experience! The energy running through the establishment was great and so comfortable! ( I didnt want to leave! ) Kaitlyn is such a joy to be around, and to plant with; She introduced us to different plants ( air plants ) and we were shocked, she grabbed our attention so quickly with the information she fed us. Also making a terrarium was so easy!!! My group and I will definitely be back sooner than later, and Ill have to make sure Kaitlyn will be there because she makes the experience that much exciting! Thank you for going above and beyond for my group and I, Kaitlyn. Plant house crew, YOU GUYS ROCK a huge thank you to you all!!!!!


Shelley Carlos

3 months ago

My daughter and I went to this amazing place Yesterday. The atmosphere, the plants, the trees the STAFF WAS AMAZING. They were friendly and helpful and just made you hate to leave. You also can build Your own terrariums and I was like a kid in a candy store. Im still smiling and a huge shout out to Hannah. I cant wait to go back and take friends and family as well.


Ansley Mitchell

3 months ago

Such a fun place to go! Izaac was SO great to work with! He made it so fun and educational for my 6 year old making a terrarium - explaining all about the different plants, layers of soil, rocks, etc. Really beautiful plants & pieces of art! Hannah was super sweet to show us around, too. Cant say enough good things!! Will definitely be back!


Naomi Ehrens

a month ago

Loved it here. Was a first time guest and Seth was super knowledgeable and helped me get the plant and pot that I came in looking for. So happy with my first experience here thanks to him. The complimentary potting was a huge bonus too for my black thumb

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