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Alan Rosinski

3 months ago

One of the best local spots in Dilworth and Charlotte in general. The staff is great and the food is all good. You basically can't go wrong with their menu. Everything is good and they have something for everyone. They also have great daily specials all the time. Definitely stop here if you live here or are visiting the area. Also they do music shows and events down stairs with all kinds of artists.


Roger Williamson

2 months ago

Food is always good here except today the french fries were ice cold. James the manager took immediate care of it and made sure I had plenty of hot french fries to go with my sandwich and soup. Service is always good and the people are always friendly a great place to go and just enjoy a nice outdoor patio that is covered and have a cocktail or a light lunch with friends


Lowndes Quinlan

2 weeks ago

We have been here twice. The spiedies subs are delicious. We had good service both times. One member in our party had their salad come late, but the manager came out, explained the delay (the salmon on the salad had been dropped, so they had to cook a new piece of fish) and comped the salad. They get an extra star for properly handling a mistake.


Penny Wohlstein

in the last week

Everything took FOREVER and nobody else was there! Matt, thanks for the offer but we were in town for a convention and won't be returning any time soon. Some details I was too tired to type out on my phone but will now...... ~ We came Saturday evening and arrived about 8:30. Nobody at Hostess Desk to seat us and 2 servers passed by and looked at us standing there for over 10 minutes! Finally, one of them came to seat us and ended up being our server. ~ Our son was starving so I asked her to place his order immediately, even before we ordered drinks (wasn't done) ~ When we ordered our meal, she then asked us what we wanted for our son (didn't we already place his order???) and I specifically asked her to ring it in separately from everything else so it would come out first....she told me she would just go get it as soon as it was ready. When did he get it? Not with the appetizer that she obvs did ring in early but with our meals.....and he whined the whole time and crawled all over me.....hence, I had a horrible time! ~ When someone pays $9-11 dollars per drink, do NOT take their glass when there is a little bit left!!! Twice, I turned around and my glass/drink I was not finished with was gone! And especially don't do it right before I fill out your tip! Because that will be the last straw!! ~ She only had 3 tables! I don't know what was taking her so long for everything but when someone asks for something for their meal, that they ordered originally and did not get (like Cheese on a burger), do NOT come up with your arms full of stock of To Go containers because that means you took the time to get all that while my burger got even COLDER without the cheese I ordered!!! And then to make a point of charging for the cheese as an add on??? Seriously???? Or when someone asks for more sauce for the crabcakes, don't take forever to bring it and then charge for it as an add on!!! ~ I kicked myself on the way out for first, being the one to pick this place and then two, not sitting on the patio like my son wanted to, because we would have had a chance to have a different/better server!!


Hayley Griffith

in the last week

I love this place! Food is always fantastic. Unfortunately, i am giving 3 stars today because i ordered this from uber eats and i paid extra for olives on the pizza and when it was received there were no olives - that i had to pay for. Granted, its a nominal amount but it still rubbed me the wrong way. Probably wont order uber eats from here moving forward.