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Tiffany Somers

2 months ago

Absolutely love this place! We are so lucky to have such a wonderful restaurant and bar so close to our homes. The staff behind the bar is always so friendly and very quick. The food is always delicious and I love that there are so many options to customize. Amazing daily drink specials, and the occasional food specials as well. This is really just a wonderful all-around place to be.


Joey Gill

a month ago

It's decent but I wouldn't say it was my favorite. I came late at night so I wonder if it would have been different another time of the day. The food was good though a bit pricey for the quality of what you got. The beer was alright. Overall decent but nothing really wowed me that I would actively seek this place out again. Your standard pub food fare with a mix of a tiny bit of breakfast. Shrimp Tacos were decent, but kind of fell apart because of the Asian Slaw, ask them to dial it back a bit on the slaw or put a little on top of the shrimp instead of at the base like mine were. Didn't get any of the spicy sauce I guess it was supposed to have. The house chips are delicious, as was the ranch dressing it came with. Overall I didn't hate Dilworth Neighborhood Grille, but again, wouldn't actively seek it out when there are similar slightly better choices in the Queen City for a late night bite.


Kelly Eckert

2 months ago

We love this place and have been coming here since moving to the area. We used to be big fans of happy hour for dinner but the entire menu changed and went from great to pretty poor, which is the main reason for the 3 star review, especially when paired with limited drink specials during the week for someone who might just want a beer after work. We will definitely be coming less often for this reason, although the food is always good.


Keya Ramirez

3 months ago

I ordered the salmon and loved it. Ate inside with two friends and the booth setup was great because it was huge enough that we sat with a good enough distance between each other. Everyone loved the food they ordered.


Miquel Washington

a week ago

Jessica R is the best. Drinks were great food quick and hit. Jessica R was always there when I needed something, but still was able to serve others with the same quickness.

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