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Dan B

7 months ago

Finally, this amazing pop up has a brick and mortar location!! Even on day one they were pretty quick even though the line was long. Ordered a steak (with prov and onions) and the loaded fries for my wife who has a gluten allergy. In addition I got some fries for myself. Oh and I had to try a swirl soft serve with vanilla and pineapple! The steaks are SO GOOD! The meat gets crispy and the onions vary in texture making every bite be a bit different. The fries have a light old bay like seasoning. Not too strong. Very crispy as a fry should be. If youre from Philly think of Chickie and Petes crab fries but not limp and not as salty Being from Philly Im STOKED they finally opened up their brick and mortar location. Highly recommend this to anyone


Andy Thuan

6 months ago

We finally got to try out Cheats and its definitely worth the hype. We got the cheesesteak and Italian sub and they were both great! The Italian sub can be served hot or cold but I like hot better. Theres a lot to choose from the menu than just a cheesesteak so you can get a vegan option or loaded fries too! They also had breakfast options so Ill have to try that next time. My wife and I enjoyed it a lot and glad to see they have an official location now. As an FYI this is more of a take and go place so dont expect dine in service. There are picnic tables in this parking lot so you could sit there and eat once you get your food. Their parking lot is small and shares with 2 other businesses so if you go as a group try to car pool. Overall this place is amazing and well definitely come back!


Raquel S

4 months ago

I tried the new and improved menu items (thinner sliced ribeye, smaller dice of onion, smaller portion of fries, reduced prices) and enjoyed it. Not a fan of the whiz so I subbed sharp provolone and added mushrooms. I made my own mustard blend sauce to put on the cheese steakwithout a sauce the sandwich lacked the oomph of flavor I like in a cheese steak. Im a fan of the Amoroso roll so the type of roll Cheats uses also changes the experience. The fries are really good. Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Overall its very good. I would definitely try it again.


Jon Busch

5 months ago

I've been reading the reviews on Cheats for some time now. And they've all been positive. For me, when you say Philly Cheesesteak, I'm gonna mash the gas and head on over to your place... much sooner, rather than later. And I was not disappointed. I'm from Philly and the "Wiz wit" says it all for me. They have 2 windows, one for ordering and the other for picking up. The exterior loudspeaker is a nice touch as well. The restaurant staff was definitely on point and gave off great vibes. The guy at the window was from Jersey, because the first thing that I asked was "whose from Philly?". The tenderness of the Angus beef, melded perfectly with the onions and the Wiz was everywhere...just as it should be. The rolls from Jersey were a hit with me as well. They had a nice texture that held everything together. The fries were nicely seasoned and came in a brown paper bag, which was a very nice nostalgic touch for me. That's the exact way that I used to get them in Philly when I was coming up. Check out the shot of the menu as well. There's pretty much something for everyone...and they are open 7 days a week. I'll be back many more times. I highly recommend this particular restaurant. Now, I see why the lines have been so long. You don't want to miss out on this culinary extravaganza. With the taste, that's straight out of Philly. If you took the time to read this review, please take a 1/2 second and click like. Thank you.


Cynthia R

7 months ago

Ive heard so much abt them so was very excited to see they have a brick and mortar location now. Went on lunch break on a Wednesday around 2p and minimal crowd or wait which was awesome. I tried the Italian and got it hot. It was really good. Only negative thing I would say is the parking lot can get a little confusing and annoying since people were parking any and everywhere and there are a couple other businesses sharing the same small gravel space. But I will certainly be back to try one of their famous cheesesteaks.

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