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Carla G

a month ago

Tonight they dont deserve any stars! My family and I ate here for my nieces birthday. About 12 people were in attendance. The service was terrible. There was no problem seating us but when it came to bringing out drinks and food, nothing was done in a timely fashion. When my brother was trying to decide on his drink, she actually said I dont have all night . I have other people I need to get to. My brother is deaf and didnt hear her. I was at the far end of the table and was freaking livid! My aunt explained to the server why he couldnt hear her and she slowed down to get his order. The appetizers came out about 5 minutes before the entrees. We ordered Indian dip and spinach dip. No one enjoyed them. They looked and tasted like they had been microwaved. Both dishes were full when we left. The entrees were hot. No one really raved about their meal. We were there for almost two hours and never once received a drink refill. As a matter of fact, after she brought our food, she NEVER came back to the table. The entire staff ignored us. I requested chips, TWICE, to go with my meal, she didnt bring them. I ended going to get them myself. She didnt even bring the check. When I asked why did we have to pile up front to pay for our food, she said it was easier because there were so many of us. We had to get our own napkins and to go boxes! This is the absolute worst service Ive ever received. I used to enjoy going to El Cancun. I will never patronize this establishment again! I didnt mention my nieces birthday again because they apparently dont do anything special for birthdays. I told the hostess and server about it. Do yourself a favor, enjoy Mexican cuisine somewhere else! El Cancun clearly doesnt appreciate their customers. She definitely didnt earn the 18% automatic gratuity on the $250+ ticket. Had she done her job, she wouldve received more than that. I told anyone who left money on the table to take it back!


Rhonda Rickenbacker

a year ago

Really enjoyed my night out with my daughter here, the whole staff was awesome and nice. The food was good as well, they give you so much. I'm adding photos, but I apologize in advance for not remembering the name of the entrees. Will go back. Highly recommended.


The Mrs

5 months ago

I was very surprised to see, that the seats were ripped pretty badly on some of the booth areas and with no regard the waitress seated two of us there. The restaurant was mostly empty which I found odd for lunch hour. After we were seated another employee sat across from us folding napkins and was coughing as if very sick. Enjoying my company I ignored it until our food came and she hacked away, holding her head. Our waitress was not pleasant at all and very rushed the entire meal, even though she had no other tables. She barely cracked a smile and actually does not belong in the service industry. My guest and I were very patient and easy with minimal requests and she had a piss poor attitude. Never thought I would use that expression but it fits her attitude exactly. Bad vibes during this beautiful holiday season. She brought a huge drink without asking if I wanted the large and it was an upcharge on the bill. I decided not to say anything. Food was average. With a change in staff and updates this restaurant could be a great spot. When my guest asked politely for a container for food which was untouched, the waitress brought a single foil with no container and walked away. This restaurant had two separate radio stations playing in two areas of the restaurant. Will not be returning. $$$


Bridget Helmer

2 months ago

They were so nice to accommodate our volleyball team and parents while here at a tournament. Quite a big group of 16 and they had the table ready with chips and salsa waiting. Quick service and delicious. A super popular place and busy but you are still able to talk in peace without noise. We were all very pleased with our choice!! Thank you from the Premier Volleyball Academy!!


Mike Lynch

2 months ago

Not bad by any means, but also nothing special. Good margaritas and the food is good. If you sit on the patio, expect to be blinded by the setting sun as several of the umbrellas are ripped and haven't been maintained. There are better options in Charlotte, so not worth the drive if you are in the QC.

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