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Dani W

a month ago

We had a terrible experience from start to finish today. We had a group of 50. I verified that a group this large could be accommodated. Deposits were paid and ages were given in order to have the proper sizes and number of life jackets. Our original time for launch was 11am but got pushed back to 1130 because of the water level. We were totally fine with that however there werent enough vests or inflated tubes. We didnt get on the river until 1245pm. Only a handful of people were told about where the exit was located. This led to a VERY dangerous situation at the end. We missed the exit and got stuck in the brush just past it. Sounds like an easy situation to simply walk back to the exit BUT the current was so strong it was pushing our tubes into the branches. Our children were crying and getting hurt from the branches. Tubes were popping. It took us 45min to get everyone out safely. A stranger brought his canoe over to try and help. Neither owners from Baileys came and asked if we were ok. There was 1 employee who was at the exit. Later in the evening I personally reached out to them with no response. We will not be returning. Wed rather purchase our own tubes and go on our own. This business want not prepared to accommodate our large group. We arrived excited and left with scared children and exhausted parents.


Rakesh Kumaran

3 weeks ago

We had terrible experience with Bailey Outdoor adventure, We were with group of 6 adults and 2 kids. In the middle of the trip, 2 tubes got deflated and called the concerned group for help and didn't get any response from their end. We went to tip of life and got help from few families nearby to reach at the shore. so I will not recommend Bailey adventure to anyone. Note: We called multiple times for help, but no response from your end and also messaged our exact location still we didn't hear or see any kind of help. We believed Bailey outdoor adventures and not Tube manufacturers directly. Find the snap attached which we took after our adventurous trip (only 1 is fully inflated and rest 2 are with 20 to 30% air )


Lauren Torre

a month ago

We had a TERRIBLE experience with this company. We had a very large group (about 50 people). We all had called/emailed prior to our excursion date to reserve our spots with a $20 deposit. Our departure time was moved back by a half an hour due to heavy rain for several days prior. There was also another large group in front of us. The company was not prepared for a group our size at all. They further delayed our departure because they did not have enough life jackets for all of our kids or enough tubes! They actually had to purchase more while we waited...not an easy task to entertain 20+ kids in a parking lot in the heat. We had to remind them several times that the people who drove our cars to the end point still needed a shuttle back to the beginning. Needless to say we departed about 2 hours later than originally expected. Not one employee warned us of the high water and fast current and most of us were bever told where to get off the river! What should have been a fun day on the river quickly turned into a very dangerous situation when about 20 or more of us could not get over to the side fast enough. The current was too strong and the water was too deep. Most of the kids were able to be taken out of the water via canoe, however the majority of us had to climb through poison ivy laden brush into a nearby golf course. My 8 year old daughter hasnt stopped talking about the worst day of her life (the canoe flipped while we tried paddling her to land and she wound up several yards further down the river). My husband was helping pull people out of the water through the brush and is covered in poison ivy. A week later and his leg and food are still swollen. The golf course we wound up in was about a mile walk from where our cars were parked. I would not recommend this company to anyone - obviously they care more about your business than they do your safety!


rachel terryah

a month ago

Great experience!! Was quick and easy to get our tubes and get in the water. Baileys had everything we needed- tubes, coolers, cooler float- even let us use a waterproof bag and speaker on the house. Customer service was great and even got a personal shuttle service to our car. Couldnt ask for a better day.


Cynthia Mallas

a month ago

That was an awesome trip. My daughter just got home from her summer vacation, and taking her tubing down the river with Bailey's outdoor adventures was the best choice for ending our summer together. The staff and their help was superb. Thank you Brian and Mike for a great time. I would recommend Baileys Outdoor Adventures to anyone, anywere, anytime.