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Joel Beachum

in the last week

Awesome place for some softball and baseball and many other sports and camps and tournaments. Five excellent fields for softball and baseball action, and they host some of the top-notch Showcase events during the year. Nice shade is available from all the trees in between the fields of play. They are celebrating their 25th anniversary this year. Great facility and staff and good food and drinks too.



a week ago

The park is nice and shaded. There are cracks in the asphalt where tree roots have grown underneath. You will have to be mindful and careful of this. Not too large. There are several softball fields which appears most of the attention is given rather than the path itself.


David Worrell

a week ago

For an inner city park, this is the bomb. Wide open spaces, easy parking and picnic tables at every turn. Trails and wide open spaces. Nice work rock hill!


Jason Price

6 months ago

The covered area is an inexpensive rental that we have used for many occasions. It includes a fireplace restrooms sink microwave and a serving counter. I think that it can only hold 54 persons according to the fire marshal posting. The kids are always running around outside anyway, so consider this 54 adults. Tables and chairs are already included and to clean up the space is very quick and easy


Belinda Stafford

5 months ago

There are no signs stating that you are only allowed 1 pet per Walker that I have been able to find. Must be that it is only listed on their website. This would be helpful for pet parents driving by, so if they have 2 & only 1 person that they dont bother getting out! I have a chihuahua & a corgi chihuahua mix. Marking this one off my list of places to visit!