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Leek L

3 weeks ago

Overall we had a great experience! The museum is very clean. The staff was very helpful and friendly. This is one of the smaller, older museums. Nonetheless, it is great for younger children. They have a small playroom for toddlers and infants. We did enjoy their planetarium as well!


Rose Plush

4 months ago

Absolutely fantastic!! I was really not expecting the level of work that went into these displays. The details were all there, everywhere you look there's another piece of the history of and life in the Carolinas. I would highly recommend stopping in for a look around!


Jessica J.W. Baker

4 months ago

Not just for little dino fans!!! Teen and adult dinosaur enthusiasts will absolutely lovethe programming currently available at the Museum of York County! A great deal was organized/provided by the Natural History Museum and other museums and research facilities outside of York County, but the focus is largely on what has been discovered in South Carolina and where the dig sites have been. The standard naturalist center with its drawers and drawers of fossils, samples and artifacts is still here and well-maintained, but the displays of ancient creatures and eras, and the connections to our lives today, have been revamped and do not disappoint. Be sure to bisit the planetarium as well - two shows focused on the dinosaurs, and both end with a quick view of our current night sky. (Sky maps for the month you visit are provided after each show - free of charge!)


David Blumberg

10 months ago

Great place! Lots of natural history exhibits - tremendous for kids. Adults will enjoy as well!


A Campbell

11 months ago

Staff very friendly and helpful. Masks not required inside museum unless you want to wear them. Very clean. Enjoyed the exhibits!

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