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Myo Z. Oo

4 months ago

We recently visit this Asian Market and it pretty nice. The store had a fish cleaning service so all you have to do is cook it. Nice clean and pretty well stock and custom service is good. They also have a food court inside the store.


Tina Xing

7 months ago

if you love authentic Chinese food and havent been to this place, You are missing out! I literally come here almost every week to get the lunch box (three dishes +one soup) for less than 10 dollars or the roasted duck and pork box for 12 dollars. They are the best!!


Ruben Vasquez

11 months ago

New Asia Market is a great store with lots of variety. Pros: Bakery Chinese Take out food/ rice buns Variety of seafood items Variety of foreign Asian products Cons: Some items need more labeling in English Frogs/ turtles kept in small boxes for consumption Language barrier


Veteran Veteran

7 months ago

This is a review of the Grand Asia market or the new Asian market as it sometimes called installings North Carolina. This is the size of a typical grocery store like a Bi-Lo or a food lion or a Publix and is as the name implies geared towards the Asian market. This place is fantastic where you cannot only get fresh meat at the butcher counter although in limited quantities and selection you can also get tons of frozen meat already prepared like duck and rabbit in the oddball things you don't find in a typical American style grocery market. Lots of spices lots of dried fruits and mushrooms and seasonings a complete full aisle of just soy sauce and a full aisle of basically just hot sauces. Different style asian beer is also available and some wines along with a huge vegetable selection.


David Holycross

3 months ago

Excellent selection of import goods. The fruit and vegetable section was good. The seafood section was extremely fresh. They had lots of high quality snacks in the front isles. The noodle selection was also great with my favorite, the Lanzhou noodles being available in the refrigerator. Mooncakes were even still available on the day of the festival.

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