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Jun Baxley

2 months ago

I really enjoy Hickory Tavern and their service. The food is great as well. Whenever I go here, I always get a burger because I just love burgers. But the best part about this restaurant is that it's a sports bar as well. You can watch a ballgame while you eat. This Hickory Tavern is right across the street from Red Robins which I went on a big tangent about how you have to say "Yum" when someone says "Reeeeed Robin". I don't think Hickory Tavern has anything catchy like that. I wish they did. If you go here, you better be watching the Dodgers because they are the superior baseball team.


Model Behavior

a month ago

Came from out of town visiting after an art show. I got to watch the Cubs play so that was cool. Had great service and a few drinks. Roomy place with outside seating as well. Lots of tvs. Different games.


Sam Jacob Dev

4 months ago

This is my first time visiting this place. This is the second sports bar that I had visited over the years after visiting one in Ohio. We went as a group from the company, our group count goes to 10 people. They had long surf board table that can fit more than 10+ people and u have got screens all around running games, news and some funny videos channel. They have also got a big projector to be used during the game season With regards to the service our waiters were helpful and prompt. But with regards to the service time of getting the food order from u and actually delivering the food, I can say their time is close to 6 on the scale of 10. I guess it depends on the people in the group and their order. But overall the bar was not much crowded, I can say it was an average crowding. I guess if u go as a small group their service would be faster i guess. Now the food. I ordered the Oregon cedar salmon. I have never tasted it anywhere so I wasnt in any expectation. The presentation was top notch and the taste of the salmon was really good. Overall the whole plate was really fulfilling. The sweet potato fries is another thing it was quite different and I liked it. Awesome job guys One recommendation is that the service times can be improved.


Jacob Ray

2 months ago

We ate lunch here and I was impressed! Quick service, great taste, and good atmosphere. I give this 4/5 stars because while the food tasted great, the burger was a little smaller than I was anticipating. I got the Smokehouse Burger, which was depicted in the menu as what I thought was heftier and more intense. But, when the burger came to the table, it was average. My expectations based on visuals were not met. However, it was still a good meal!


Danielle Webb

4 weeks ago

Called an order in for Baja fish tacos and fries... When I picked up my order it was already bagged (they don't show you your order prior to bagging it like other restaurants I've been to). When I got to my destination I noticed they gave me the blacken shrimp tacos instead. The fries were great but I don't like spicy seafood and the cabbage on top made it dry. I could not finish it. It just wasn't good....Thank goodness I'm not allergic to shellfish.