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Kristina Caruso

3 months ago

Love Indaco, not a fan of their staff/customer service. After 3 experiences at this location (weve visited the Charleston location as well), I am turned off by the staffs lack of customer service and overall respect for their customers. Right now, I have gone twice during the current COVID-19 pandemic. I understand they are doing as much as they can to keep their business going/open and follow the new mandated rules around face masks (to be worn at all times in a restaurant unless sitting and eating), however, any accommodation or restaurant service goes out the door to the customer to ensure youre wearing a mask. You are asked to check your temperature at the door and wear a mask, which is understandable. However, if you forget to follow their rules or happen to forget for a moment to put your mask on as you stand up, be prepared to be crucified by every staff member. The bartender was an employee in particular who felt the need to chime into a conversation between my friend and myself and let us know that they are more worried about their business being reported for not enforcing face masks on one individual than they are on your dining experience. She then went to whisper to the rest of the staff and point at our table (regarding what Im not exactly sure). Meanwhile, they failed to refill the toilet paper in both bathrooms. Overall, Id say their food is above average and enjoyable. But I have to wonder if its worth going back for the less than enjoyable customer service and staff engagement experience. Coming from someone that worked in a restaurant for 3 years, Im still in shock from the contagious negative attitude that seems to be going around the staff. Note to manager: I suggest reevaluating your employees, specifically the bartender.


Raquel S

7 months ago

Beautiful space and great service. Food did not impress for the price. The donut hole dessert was really good.


Lindsey McBride

in the last week

Amazing food and service! We had Miranda and she was awesome. However, please bring back the caprese cocktail! PLEASEEEE it is the best cocktail in Charlotte!


John Clevenger

a month ago

The absolute ignorance of this restaurant is astounding. Walking 10 feet to a table with a mask and then taking it off once seated is somehow going to protect the "safety of the staff" vs not wearing one during the same walk? But I thought masks worked and the staff are all wearing masks anyway? Further, when informed of my wife's medical issue they said she would still ha e to wear one. Which is a violation of the ADA. When informed.pf a religious objection, didn't care. Violation of 1964 Civil Rights Law! Apparently, the virus won't spread from seated people but only from walking people. Apparently civil rights and disability laws somehow stop at the door, which they do not. Ill never go back! Restaurants are struggling to stay in business and yet they are this stupid. They deserve to go out of business


Eileen Hume

10 months ago

Really enjoyed our visit to Indaco! Food was great and the ambience was relaxed and fun. Beautiful decor, and the staff super attentive and friendly. Will definitely go again!