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Dedicated to the art and craft of creating true Neapolitan style pizza, a 900-degree wood-fired oven is used to bake each pie in 90 seconds. Now with two locations, you have two opportunities to get your pizza fix.

Cuisine Type: Pizza

Ambience: Casual Dining

Price: $$

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Marcio G.

in the last week

We are typically drawn to New York style pizza but after seeing some reviews and being in the area we decided to give this a try. We dined in and loved the atmosphere. The pizza came quickly! Our order was 1 large Rafaele to share between two adults and exceeded our expectations for Neapolitan-style pizza. Wood fired pizza has a completely different taste and this one was on point, especially when tasting the fresh ingredients. Anyone complaining about prices and this and that about this place should just keep ordering your pizza from Papa Johns.


Sean Hogan

7 months ago

I just came here for a quick bite to eat. Their customer service Qasim very friendly and explained the menu very well. Their pizza is scrumptious, I got the 16 inch Bianca, finished the whole pie. I was recommended to go to this place from a customer where I work and was impressed! I will.certainly be back and intrigued for more!


Christopher Diaz

4 months ago

This place was pretty good. Lots of people in reviews are saying its overpriced, I think its pretty on par for what you are getting. Its a good Neapolitan pizza slightly Americanized and Im not sure everyone grabbing a pie realizes the difference. Its super tight where you order and a little chaotic if theres a line. Pizzas came out within 10 minutes or less (to be expected cooking at 900 degrees!). The crust was great, a perfect leopard, soft and good flavor. The dough was not stretched well for either pizza we got. Both the small and large pizza had a disproportionately stretched pie. Way to thin in the middle. Great flavor and pretty good service though. An easier sell for 5 stars if the consistency of the stretch was even 50% better and I likely wont be back due to it. We got two cannolis to go. Pretty standard, a good size $5-6 each.


Brad Martone

4 months ago

The good: Lovely people all of the way around. Delicious and beautiful product as long as you like the charred taste. I do, my girl...not so much. The bad: "millennial loving" hard surfaces everywhere. We were the only people in the place and couldn't have a conversation at the same table. The table layout and the delivery trays flat out don't work. They're just in the way. These trays are a solution without a problem. The menu, while "interesting" specifically states that changes aren't allowed. I prefer customer focused sellers. While it was delicious, we won't be back due to the above items. If you are one of those people who like to yell at each other while eating (my family certainly was growing up!), and enjoy extremely limited menus with a mix your seller designed...instead of you, you'll surely love the food (and the people!).


Rachel LaBrunda

5 months ago

The pizza was better than expected, just wish there was a bit more sauce ON the pizza and not just handed to us in a cup on the side (it did come in handy for dipping the crust though). The cannolis were delicious, aside from the lemon cannoli being served with lemon seeds and not really tasting lemon-y (could use more flavor). The chocolate chip and sea salt caramel gelato was full of flavor, but the sea salt caramel had too much elasticity. Overall good experience and would eat here again!

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