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my self

2 months ago

I visited here to check up on the flavors here. They have many, some flavors I did not know existed. Packaging is extremely well done. They've weekly sales specials and can handle group/parties. It's like gourmet popcorn. Myself, the carmel is (favorite) out of this world, delicious. It melts in your mouth.


Tiff L

7 months ago

I used online ordering for Valentines Day. I ordered one tin of butter and cheese popcorn to pick up that afternoon. The online process was pretty straightforward and easy to use. The tin was reasonably priced at $23. The store associates were very friendly. They didnt have the tin I wanted. They made every effort to replace it with one I would like. While there, I picked up their monthly flavor, Strawberry Cheesecake. It was delicious! They also allowed me to pick out a complimentary small bag since they were out of my selected tin. I picked out the Zebra Stripe, a caramel corn topped with chocolate. Stop by and give them try. They have plenty of savory and sweet options for any palette.


jazzama sleat

6 months ago

Popcorn taste good , the caramel is extremely sticky couldnt finish kept sticking to teeth , if they could fixed that problem it would be my fav!


Kyle Ahrens

12 months ago

Wow wow wow! I'll be honest, i thought the prices were a little steep till I tried it. Now I think its under priced. This popcorn is seriously on another level. They don't cut any corners when making it. The name is spot on. If you pass one I advise you to make a uturn and try it. I would usually recommend a flavor but they were all delicious.


Donna Warner

5 months ago

This popcorn IS heavenly! OMG The cheese corn is velvety, creamy, buttery, cheesy perfection!!! Tried buffalo last time and really like that too. Not very spicy but you could tell it was buffalo. Just the right amount of heat!

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