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7 months ago

I have had the good fortune of eating Pizza in Italy. Inizio does it right! I called Jeff, the manager, over to our table. And I told him that I am really impressed. He told us the ingredients come from Italy. We had the Raffaele. The sausage & sweet pepper just combine beautifully! You really feel like you are having a taste of Italy! They have a very decent size indoor dining area & outdoor seating is also available. The next time you are in the Birkdale area, head over to Inizio & experience this authentic Italian pizza for yourself.


Daniel Judah

9 months ago

One of the best pizzas in the town. It is better than the location in downtown Charlotte. The pizza is very delicious, the portion of the pizza is large, and the price is excellent. The pizza that has mushrooms is the best. The restaurant is quite comfortable. The seating is good, and the ambiance is good. They have a great parking space, lots of parking spaces are available. The restaurant is very clean. The staff is professional. The location is just off Interstate 77, just a short drive north of the town. The area is excellent.



2 months ago

Worth the hype. We liked the place a lot and the clientele and decor of the place is very top notch. Friendly staff and the pie was made to our liking. One of the better pie places in the area. Need to try other options to give it a 5 star review because our pizza was good but not mind blowing like some other reviews say


Elizabeth Carlson

11 months ago

Some of the best pizza I've ever eaten, and I'm a foodie. Specialty oven makes the crust a cut above. The pistachio pizza was out of this world. I also really enjoyed the margarita and marinara pizzas. Treat yourself to something that will really hit the spot. Nice outdoor seating too. Close to Sam Furr Road. Easy to get to and I didn't mind the traffic noise.



a year ago

I was reading a few of the negative comments and i think it's all based on preference. Yes the crust is thin and yes the edges can have a more cooked spot but this is a wood burner and that's how these types of pizzas turn out. The flavors are amazing and the gelato ice cream was on point. Also yes, this is a self serve place... Meaning you grab your plates, napkins and fork but i don't think i ate better pizza anywhere else. The service was great. The workers were able to answer my questions and the pizza didn't take long to make. Over all great pizza, we'll be coming back for more

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