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Alyssa Burry

2 weeks ago

Very disappointed. The maze was cool, could have been more things to do. We brought the kids and we wanted to have fun, not so much. There were piles of fire ants everywhere if you didnt watch your step you were covered (just like my son was and he had boots on). The lady greeting us was very unprofessional, chirping my husband about not watching the full video when we have two kids under two waiting impatiently. Instead of a video it would take a couple minutes to go over some of the basics in person. When I ask how long the maze will take, I dont want an answer of 45 min to 3 hrs.


Michael S.

11 months ago

First off, honest with you that I think place sounds fun...Im out of town. Thats why I gave you a 5 star. So? I came to run for the Great Pumpkin 5K. Unfortunately, event might not fit there because too many people, heavy traffic, late arrive, not enough potties, grasses way too wet, volunteers/cops not doing their jobs...terrible! Event needs to find new spot area.


Katherine Thompson

2 weeks ago

Maybe a Night Maze wasn't for us... but we had fun either way! First #DateNight of 2020! Rural Hill has ALWAYS had fun, yet challenging, Maize Mazes. We were upset that last years corn didn't do so well and were happy to be able to come out this year! Thanks!


Samantha Wagner

in the last week

I had heard a lot of good things about Rural Hills Corn Maze. Granted 2020 has not been anyones year, there werent any vendors, any food/beverage items like Id hoped. They did had a small basket with gas station like refreshments. I bought a nature valley oats and honey bar. No bottled water so bring your own. This maze took my boyfriend and his 12 year old son 3:15 to complete. Yes over 3 hours! (That was without any cut throughs) There was a fall. (In a muddy area). & yes their were fire ant hills. But its outside so thats kind of to be expected. On top of everything a man that worked at the maze gave us what he considered good information, tips if you will. These turned out to literally all be incorrect & felt super frustrating & more like sabotage than help. LOL! Overall we completed the maze, we did it as a family. We have a story. Not the Amazing Maze but this year what more can you ask for? Ohhhhh, also my advice is to NOT use their app. It actually made it more difficult.


Eric Ferguson

a year ago

Great place to go get away from the rat race. Like going back in time