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Oliver Maxwell

a month ago

I've been coming here consistently for over a year, usually at least once a week. So probably 50+ times. They do an excellent job. The sushi is superb (I like the spicy tuna and Big Apple rolls) and if you're a regular, it's like eating with old friends. Top notch service, they remember your name, and on my coworkers birthday, they comped at least half of our massive feast just because we're regulars. Shout out to Bryan and the whole crew.


Anthony Scott

a month ago

What a nice quant restaurant. The service was amazing and everyone helped each other out. Our drinks were always filled and there was always someone available when you needed them. The food came out fairly quickly. I had salmon and it was just okay. Friends had Thai food and it looked and smelled delicious and they seemed to enjoy. The prices are slightly higher than comparable places, but I think it's worth a try.


arash daryoushfar

3 months ago

I wish there was an option for "NO STAR, INSTEAD OF 1 STAR"! Went in last night and order some sushi, at least 2 of the rolls were suppose to be "Tempura", THEY WERE NOT! so I called the server, Patterson, and after a BS explanation, I told him I would like to order a roll that is warm, and after bringing the shrimp tempura roll, it's ice cold. Shrimp was obviously fried hours ago, and when I called Patterson again, he did not have the decency to offer a re-do or some thing, he just tried to BS me once again. DON'T WASTE MONEY IN THIS LOW GRADE RESTAURANT! NEVER AGAIN! JADE SUCKS!


Dominique Rice

5 months ago

I came into this restaurant from the salon lofts. I called 3x and didn't get an answer so I walk over from the salon lofts to place an order. I placed my order and proceeded and went back to get start getting my hair done. I walked back to get our food and I told the hostesses I was there for my to go order (please keep in mind these are the same girls who took my order). The placed my order on the counter and then proceeded to talk amongst themselves and turn their back to me so I assumed we were good to go so I walked out. I walked out and one of the hostess literally chased me down accusing me of not paying for my food. I informed her I paid before I left and she asked me to come back in the restaurant not believing that I paid. I went back into the restaurant to show my receipt and explain myself. At this point I am fuming and asked to speak with a manager. The first manager Alex came over and gave a fake apology. I told him I didn't want the food and I wanted a complete refund. He refused and I told him I would not be taking the food even if he doesn't give me a refund because I refused to ever eat there. I was almost in tears because I have never been treated like a their at a restaurant like before. Manager 2 Bryan comes over and offers a refund and offers to let me keep the food. I told him I wanted a refund and I was not going to be taking the food. While manager 2 was processing the refund Manager 1 Bryan was cracking jokes about the entire time. Very rude and disrespectful


Walter Tucker

a week ago

Food and waiter service was superb!! Pleasant to the palate!! Surprisingly inexpensive!!