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2 months ago

Yo this food is so bomb, the best Korean food out there. Once you eat Nancys Korean food you wont be a able to eat other Korean food this GOOD. Not only is the food amazing and affordable, the staff is incredible- its a family owned business. The side dishes are affordable and fresh and theres a wide variety of choices which is great to buy and try it with the dishes, if not- the dishes come with a side of kimchi, rice, and depending on the meal also a side of radish. Its awesome to have such authentic Korean food here in Charlotte. The chef is Ms. Nancy and she always has such a great smile and a warm greeting. Depending on the day, the cashiers may vary but they are all very welcoming and will help you with any questions.In conclusion this food is AMAZING if you come to Charlotte you definitely need to try Korean Restaurant :)



2 weeks ago

My go to for when I crave Kimchee and other Korean food. Fresh food, friendly service. Reminds me of my mothers cooking..


Claudia Linares

3 months ago

Food was ok, nothing special. I did not like the service. The lady who helped me was rude and cold.


Jacqueline Telljohann

8 months ago

During our first trip to Super G, we wanted to get lunch at the food court. Since we love Korean food, we figured we should stop here. Covid-19: it's inside the grocery store and there's no way to order online from what I can tell. It's takeout only right now. We got the Bulgogi Hotpot. Their menu shows pictures of each dish and my biggest issue is it looks nothing like what we got. I've had a lot of hotpots and what we got did not seem like a hotpot. We got a soup with beef in it. I really don't like that they put up misleading pictures on their menu. The soup was ok. The broth wasn't super flavorful. I'd be curious what other menu items are like, but I'm pretty hesitant to go back since the pictures are so far from what you actually get.


Ethan Clay

11 months ago

Delicious Korean food! I always enjoy eating here!

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