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Vietnamese comfort food is served at this Charlotte gem. While located off the beaten path, Lang Van is worth the trek. Friendly staff, an attentive and enthusiastic owner, and the smell of traditional Vietnamese cuisine will greet you when you walk through the door.

Cuisine Type: Vietnamese

Ambience: Casual Dining

Price: $$

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Sunkies Point

2 weeks ago

I have been to almost every Vietnamese restaurant in Charlotte at least once. Some a few times. This place is by far superior on every element. Anything you opt for is great. The staff is super family friendly. Its easy to tell this place takes a lot of pride in what they do.


Steven Case

4 months ago

Don't let the outside appearance fool you. Walk inside to a clean and comfortable venue and enjoy terrific Vietnamese food from friendly staff who seem to take pride in what they serve. Places like this where the staff is serving their authentic native food are a diamond in the rough. I wish I could find more.


Torgny Bjers

3 months ago

I love this little restaurant and its proprietress with all my heart. Always the best food and the best attitude. Try the pho or the tofu noodle soup. The spring rolls are on point as are the tofu rolls. Lang Van survived the pandemic. If you went here or ordered takeout, you are awesome. We are fortunate that they are still here! P.S. They're still awesome!


Stephanie Edwards

a month ago

Have always enjoyed the food at Lang Van until today. My husband and went for dinner and were waiting to be seated. Another couple came in after us who was known by the hostess. They were promptly seated before us. When I expressed that we were waiting before this couple, the response was, five minutes, five minutes. Clearly not another five minutes because there was no food on any of the tables. We left and will not return and will tell everyone we know not to bother going there whereas I have recommended Lang Van many times in the past.


Brian Bergeron

a month ago

I could speak for paragraph upon paragraph about the fresh, authentic and delicious food (summer rolls, and Bun Tom Ga Cha#45), but if I did that Id miss the point. What separates Lang Van, from most other establishments is the people, culture and atmosphere. Its starts and end with Dan Nguyen, the owner, host, and friend to all she meets, and our server Lam was just as amazing! I guess the Apple doesnt fall far from the tree. As a former GM myself, I know how hard a restaurant is, to not only run operations, but to inspire, build and lead a guest guest cultureand Mrs. Nguyen has it! Its not disingenuous either, she IS altruistic by the exact definitionshe just lives people. She works 7 days a week, but its not work to her, she told me she hates to be away, and she loves to clean. Wow, I cant tell you all enough, about the food, the calming positive atmosphere, and the guest love I felt. Thank you Lang Van, Mrs. Nguyen, Lam and her husband Tran for the delicious food.:-)

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