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SB Khan

9 months ago

We drove 1.5 hrs to go eat here. My husband have been here before but it was my first time. We went inside and stood at the counter for about 3 minutes and there was no response from the person who was at the counter didnt even greet us. We ordered our food and after 3 mins our food was ready and that was not normal. There was no way they could make the mix platter so fast so this was already made and they served it to us. I told the server and she never came back with a response not even an apology. I do not recommend this place at all. They charged every single penny for the food i ate so make sure you all get your money worth. I wish i had returned that food and left.


Rebeka Gatitskaya

9 months ago

We love this place!! Everyone we take here leaves having a great experience. The owner is very friendly. The food is always amazing. And you will crave the food afterwards. Refer to my picture-this meal is perfect (I think its #21). My parents love the Lamb Shank meal. Their soup and salads are great. My family loved the baklava as well. I was too stuffed to try it


H. A. (Rocky)

2 weeks ago

First thing Ive noticed as I walked in a yellow sign hanged from the ceiling saying since 1985 so the restaurant should be more organized because they been in the business long time but its kind of messy. I ordered takeout dinner for 5 and it was ready in 15 minutes which was quick. Food tasted good but Kababs were dry, love the green jalapeo sauce, my wife ordered Adaina Kabab platter and the Kabab smells funny like the meat was not fresh, I also ordered Philly sandwiches but I think its not their specialty so it was just ok. Ive also noticed over priced menu, I understand its getting expensive everywhere but the quality of food you get doesnt worth that much money. I give them 7 out of 10 and 4 stars for good customer service and taste.


Sheka Cauthen

8 months ago

I came in here in order a number six and a Gyro. I gave two stars because my food which was the number six beef kebab and rice, was really really good really good. My meat was perfectly done the jalapeo sauce was amazing but that was it. So, As my husband is chewing hes takes out of his mouth a long piece of hair. See this is why it is important for cooks to wear hairnets so that your hair is not in the mist of peoples food. We work hard for our money and when we drive two hours away we do not expect to have a strangers hair in our food you cannot say is our hair. He is bald and I had on a wig and the hair texture doesnt even match my wigs hair texture so we cant say that. The hair was definitely inside of the food he bit into the Gyro chewed the Gyro and spit out hair this is unacceptable. And also the food that is out on the table, it needs to be covered with plastic wrap or put out of the way. Listen, customers cough in the air sneeze in the air and the food is open with no cover that is too much exposure I would love to try your food again because my food was amazing but my husband says he would never ever eat there again ever in 1 million years. I took a magnifying glass to look through the remaining gyro but found no more hair but he still didnt want. He states he is disgusted


Sarah ALH

3 months ago

The food was GREAT! You should try shawarma sandwich and of course chicken kabob with rice. The owner was respectful and helpful

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