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Lucky Carolina

3 months ago

This food was absolutely amazing!!! I love it!! You mean to tell me I can get a salmon cheesesteak, wings fries and a drink in a combo. In addition to that EVERYTHING was seasoned to perfection! My mom ordered the turkey burger, wings, fries and drink and loved it! My new favorite place


Jennifer Walls

2 months ago

Food is delicious . Today is my second visit here and both times my food was so good. The strawberry lemonade is something that should not even be allowed. I have no clue what this has in it but it may be the very best drink I have ever tasted! On to my food, I had the seafood crack pasta and omg that is exactly what it is. The flavor to this is just amazing. I will say that there is not a ton of shrimp and crab in it but it was sooooooo good! I had the henney hot wings they were fried perfectly! The flavor of these wings is amazing. They are just spicy enough, sauced just enough and trust me you are going to want more! My family is not from here but we do come to Charlotte occasionally. This place is a must stop and eat at. I almost forgot to mention the lovely two young ladies who waited on me and my daughter today. They were very sweet. Service is wonderful and food is even better!!! Mr. Nappy Chief I think its time to open a spot in Myrtle beach!!! Thank you all for the great meal today.


Vernon Anderson

6 months ago

Came to Charlotte on vacation and hear great thing about Nappy chef and they didn't disappoint. The wings were cooked ton perfection with and amazing Caribbean sauce. The burger was juicy and tasteful. We also got some of their signature peach lemonade which sent my taste buds on an amazing adventure. If you haven't had a chance to stop by you are missing out...


Jasmine Bloomfield

5 months ago

Ive been trying to catch them for a while and I finally got to order from here. It seems their hours may vary but if you can catch them, I highly recommend. Ordered the mambo wings, seafood crack and lemonade. My food was prepared fast and fresh. The wings were delicious and the lemonade was out of this world. The seafood crack was a tiny bit salty but still flavorful. Ill definitely be back to try the Caribbean turkey burger and po boy!


Blerd God

a month ago

My wife and I were amazed at how good the food was. The chicken was cooked perfectly. That sauce is . The strawberry lemonade sets it off. Next time I'm getting the salmon philly.

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