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Jacqueline Telljohann

8 months ago

This place has been on my radar for a while so I'm glad we finally stopped by. I didn't know what a lot of things in the pastry case were, but one of the employees was helpful in explaining them. My husband and I ended up getting: - Strawberry Concha - Some kind of passion fruit pastry - Peach Tres Leches - Passion Fruit Tres Leches The Concha was more of a sweet bread than a pastry to me, but I enjoyed it. I wasn't a big fan of the passion fruit pastry because it was very dry and bready. It wasn't sweet and didn't have a passion fruit flavor. I think the cakes are where they shine. I loved both tres leches that we got, but the passion fruit one really stood out. It had that punch of passion fruit I was looking for. I'd gladly come back to try more!


Alyssa, waywardblog

2 months ago

We always make a point to stop at a bakery when traveling through Latin America, so I can't believe it took us this long to make it to Manolo's! Out of the three items we ordered, two really stood out: the chicken empanada, and the cheese-filled pastry pictured. We had just eaten lunch, or perhaps we would have walked out with more! Next time we'll come hungry.


van Son

8 months ago

It was a good experience for the 1st visit. This is a local bakery hidden in plain sight on central. I went in with a gf who had been talking about this place. I got a sample of a lot of baked goodies which I don't remember the name of. But the chiroz was my fav so far. When you enter go to your right to grab a glove and tong with a tray then head to the table were the goodies are. They have all sorts of breads as well and about 6 kinds of trees leches. I know I'm ordering a cake soon as they looked soo good and fresh. Yep. I highly recommend this place as it's worth the visit.


Jasmine G

a year ago

I came in today around 5pm September 3rd and purchased several pastries. One specifically was a slice of Oreo cake covered in mold! As a customer you expect quality control and trust that you are given something that's safe to eat. I am utterly angry because the pastry belonged to my son! If I hadn't gone over to try some I wouldn't have noticed and he would have eaten it all not knowing that something is off because all a child sees is a cake! I have worked in the food service industry as a cashier and my job was to inspect everything that was given out... The fact that this was missed is ridiculous. It wasn't just a bit of mold, but a lot all around the frosting and bottom of the cake. I do not believe that it was freshly made that day nor even the day before. It's upsetting that I'm having to write this review.


Kandy Pavon

2 weeks ago

My family is obsessed with their breads, flan, and cakes. I have been looking around for a good panadera for awhile now so I decided to check this place out. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. I will definitely be coming back and recommending to everyone!

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