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latasha bailey

2 weeks ago

i think i might become a regular. it has a cool atmosphere.


Jon Busch

a year ago

Very eclectic crowd. From preppies, bikers, yuppies, millennials, Gen-X and a miasma of others. All are welcome. And the lone bartender; Molly. She kept it all flowing and made one and all feel welcome, with her good-nature and humor. If you took the time to read this post, please take a 1/2 second to click like. Thank you.


Mimi Hsu

3 months ago

Greta bar in Charlotte! It has so much history and is good that its here.


Brad Fellenstein

10 months ago

The little bar that could! Refused to sell out, now they have this unique location. Very small with single bar and two pool tables. Definitely worth the stop. Free classic country jukebox always rocking!!


Roberto Antonio Diaz

9 months ago

Love this local legend! If you live in Charlotte and you love dive bars you HAVE to support. This place has withstood multiple attempts to be bought out by developer after developer and FORCED them to build around him versus knocking down his building and erasing the history for another cookie cutter apartment building....