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Megan Porter

2 months ago

This place is the best! The prices are incredibly reasonable and a very wide variety of plants. The owner was polite, helpful and answered all of my questions. Im from out of town but will be coming back when Im here again!


Michael Reece

3 months ago

Small shop with lots to offer!! Everyone that loves plants should stop in and say .


Israel Guzman

7 months ago

Just bought my first plant from here today. Clerk was very patient and polite with me along with knowledgeable. Definitely coming back soon


Taylor M.

8 months ago

Great selection and really nice staff but 2/5 of the plants Ive gotten have had spider mites. I purchased an alocasia stingray at the anniversary sale that came home with spider mites, and today I purchased an $155 anthurium clarinervium that has spider mites. I understand pests in a plant store are impossible to avoid, but its really frustrating to take home an expensive plant I was excited about and see it has pests. After my first experience I shouldve paid closer attention in the store to check for pests and Ive already wiped leaves with neem oil but Im disappointed this has happened twice. Again, good selection, really nice staff, just wish I didnt have pests come home on plants twice.


Laura Rahel Crosby

a year ago

The cutest, tiny little plant store! Had a lovely experience here with a very knowledgeable and patient person helping me find the perfect houseplants for my house (depending on ease of care, light needs, and my cat who eats every plant he sees). She taught me that one of the plants I already have is very poisonous to cats which I'm so thankful for because I had the houseplant before receiving a kitten so I hadn't realized that before. They have cute branded paper bags, the cutest Monsterras, Phillidendrians, Calathias and more (excuse my spelling, I'm fairly new to the indoor plant world.) They have the best selection of popular/trending, gorgeous houseplants that I've found in Charlotte. I picked up 3 new plants, some awesome care tips for a plant I already have (thanks to the shop person for those!), and some gorgeous pots. Totally "instagramable" and "scrapbook worthy" shop! Also, shopping small businesses is the best feeling! The pots were pricier than other places, but the plants were a great price (in my opinion) for gorgeous/popular house plants that bigger nurseries don't carry. The plants all look so healthy and cared for and the vibe is so positive in the shop. A tiny treasure in Charlotte. Also, don't be fooled by the name, they carry so much more than just cacti!

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