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Michelle Reid

3 weeks ago

The only reason I'm even giving this place 2 stars is because the pizza was good and the little pregnant cashier was very pleasant. Otherwise our experience was awful. All of the sodas were out of syrup in the machine and when we told the manager he said "well does the Pepsi work? If so just drink that". Very rude. And then as he walked away, we thought he was going to fix the problem but he didn't... not even to put a sign on the machine saying that it was out and kept right on selling fountain drinks. I was shocked! Only one napkin dispenser available that they had sitting in the middle of the place for everyone to use so had to reach over other people's tables to get to them. And the manager then sat by the windows taking up several seats folding boxes instead of helping his team service customers. I love the pizza here but I don't think we will ever go back!! Highly disappointed.


Trevor Powhida

3 months ago

Went here for a quick bite to eat during work. Place was small but was inviting. I ordered the special where you get a slice and 5 wings. I thought the pizza was very good and the wings were done very well, extra crispy the way wings should always be served. I have a friend who has such disdain towards this place you would think the pizza cook stood-up his sister at junior prom. A strong recommendation from me.


Wil Barringer

a month ago

Well we ordered delivery, waited over an hour , no pizza arrived. Called them back they said the delivery driver knocked on the door, however my door was open so I would have seen him. They then said they would send him back with the same (probably now very cold pizza). I stated they should probably send a fresh pizza since it had been sitting well over an hour at this point. Well we are now 2 hours in and still no pizza.


Rex Chapman

a week ago

They serve greasy wet cardboard with minimal toppings and call it pizza. They had maybe 3 types of beer in the fridge which was over 90% empty. I guess we found out why there were very few people in the restaurant when we couldn't get a table across the street. You can get far more edible pizza for 1/3 of the price.


Alan Mitchell

2 months ago

Went in stood in front of staff fit 10 minutes and no one took my order. I witnessed three staff touching the good with bare hands, place did not look clean or the staff. Staff members hit into a fusing match where curse woods were shouted over the work area, after all this I could take anymore and left.Very poor service fit my first and last visit.