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GeGe M

4 months ago

I havent had fuel Pizza in years. My son was wanting Pizza and Hawthorne is closed on Monday. We rode past Fuel Pizza now when I came in I was welcomed in by the guy on the register. We ordered 2 pizza and 5 wings combo. The guy gets our order ready and proceed to wash dishes. Another customer come in and a lady is in the dinning room fixing boxes. She noticed no one was up there and she takes the next customer order. Now she had be building pizza boxes in the dinning area. On is he take the customer order she gets his pizza. Not one time did she wash her hands nor put on gloves. Now I am looking at everyone on a sanitary bases. After that the guy that took my order come back to the front the get the wings prepared and I instantly smell something stank like burnt fishy smell. We get our Pizza and wings and get in the car. That burnt fishy smell followed us to the car. My son rolls the windows down because he said something stinks. We trying to figure out if its outside which it could have been. I get home and we sit in the kitchen and he opens the box and the smell is horrific. Now I am about 15 mins from Fuel Pizza and the smell was coming from the wings. Fuel Pizza I spent $18 on food that I could not eat because of the smell. I dont know what else yall cook in the grease or it needed to be changed. This is very unacceptable


Lindsey Knepper

3 weeks ago

Best slice shop I've been to outside of NY. Seems like a cooked sauce, low moisture skim mozzarella used generously, and a semolina crust in a convection oven? Crispy crust on bottom, just a great slice all around. Def recommend


Keary Jones

4 months ago

This place is a hollow shell of what it once was. Standing water on the floor I ordered a pizza and tipped fifteen dollars then never even received the pizza because the girl supposed to make it was having a bad day its Friday hire responsible people this place is in such a prime spot but because of management or lack there of it will never come back to its former glory. Emmy squared is going to take all your business.


Intelligent Infinity

a month ago

I have tried to order from this place three times, had my order canceled all three times. Tonight they didn't even cancel the order, they told the driver after 30 odd minutes when he got there to pick up the pizza that it was canceled. Nobody called me (not once did they bother to call me or ask if I would like to replace it with something else or anything out of all three experiences. Literally the most glaring example of bare minimum customer service that seems to be the standard since the pandemic), nobody told me and now everything's closed due to waiting so long, nor them even bothering to cancel the order. This isn't literally the first time, this is the third time in a row. Never again.



7 months ago

4.17$ for a slice of pepperoni. Slice prices arent advertised anywhere on the menu. Underneath there are prices 1-7$ including tax. I guess those signs dont apply for the pizza sitting right under it. The person who took my order had no personality or emotion what so ever

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