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L Robinson

7 months ago

Pho Hoa did not disappoint with their deliciously flavored Pho Ga. The service wasnt as attentive as it has been in the past, which was surprising considering the large wait staff. However, that aside, you can't go wrong with anything from their menu. Happy eating! *My husband ordered the shrimp fried rice. *Each of us enjoyed a strawberry smoothie with "bubbles".


Elan Schacter

4 months ago

This place has been constantly amazing for YEARS! I love the vegan pho! It has delicious tofu and veggies. The people here are incredibly kind. Highly recommended.


chan ham

6 months ago

Broth is salty so put hot sauce to ease the saltiness...good vietnamese restaurant, expect this place to be greasy and dirty...you will be fine thus.


Cristina Groves

3 months ago

I absolutely love the food here. I used to visit often when I worked Uptown but it has been 3 years since I moved from Charlotte and the food is still the same. I recommend this restaurant to everyone. I took one star off because the wait staff leave a lot to be desired. The owner (I assume, because I've always seen him there) is always friendly and making jokes and when I was a regular he always knew my order.


Andrew Calhoun

3 months ago

Love completely RAW steak in your Pho? Love a nutmeg taste in the broth? Youll love this place.

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