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Tameka Michelle

5 months ago

While visiting uptown we decided to stop at 7th street market for the variety of food options. I chose Mad Dash and I was impressed. The food was delicious. I ordered a chicken sandwich for me and it was so crispy I even kept the pickles on my sandwich which I typically remove but these were so crunchy I chose to keep them on. The inside was perfect on the sandwich just the right amount of juicy. The fries were nice and crispy I had to rub some salt off but other than that they were good. My little ones enjoyed the wings and fries I order for them. I look forward to giving this place another try.


Bryan Jackson

a month ago

Great sandwiches! We had the Mad Dash burger and the Spicy Dasher Chicken Melt. Both delicious, and the fries were also great. It took a few minutes longer than expected to come out, but it is worth the wait


Chevy B

6 months ago

Got the Dasher Chicken Sandwich w/ Onion Rings. The onion ring breading was well seasoned and cooked well. My friend got fries which I tried as well and they where also seasoned/cooked well. The chicken sandwich was a good portion, the bun was toasted nicely, and the chicken it self was breaded and cooked perfect, crunchy outside and juicy inside. On top of the chicken was a nice coleslaw and the chicken rested on some pickles which where very mild and did not take away from the flavor of the sandwich. I would definitely order from here again if I find myself in North Carolina again.


Ani Johnson

9 months ago

Chef CORRRREEYY!!! Not only did you chef the mess out of the mad dash chicken sandwich. You gave Michelin chef customer service to me when I was ordering my food trying to make up my tastebuds . Thanks for a high quality experience from beginning to end Food was bomb yall will eat it again when Im back in Queen City


Beau Galaher

a month ago

This place was ridiculously good. The spicy dasher chicken melt was extra cheesy, super flavorful, and had a wonderful sauce. The jalapenos were fresh and spicy. Their chicken is a tender dark meat with a very balanced level of crispiness but an overload of flavor. The fries were a good balance of thickness and crunch, but the generous sea salt and pepper really stood out the most. Their mumbo sauce was decent and the sweet chili sauce was even better, though both sauces were not spicy enough in my opinion. Their house dash sauce on the chicken sandwich was the best (not spicy either.)

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