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7 months ago

Fresh donuts. Sweet dough and icing was tasty. Not the best selection but fantastic price for dozen mixed compared to many places around Charlotte. Highly recommend for that fact alone.



11 months ago

This place beats KK and DD hands down on doughnuts and bakery. I travel most of the US and haven't found anything better. A MUST TRY !!!!! I have never had bad service here and the employees are very jovial. Keep up the GREAT work team.


Zevon P

8 months ago

I absolutely love this place. I usually get Dunkin where I live in another state, but the quality is extremely variable. So, when I came to NC to visit family last week, we went to Mercy's to try it and I'm SO glad we did. Their donuts are infinitely better than the bigger chains. And I'm not a big fan of glaze, and all their frosted varieties have glaze on them too, so I ended up calling them the next weekend to order donuts for the next morning without the glaze, and like that, they were even better. We got maple frosted, strawberry frosted, and the fruity pebbles one. I wish we'd gotten more than one of the fruity pebbles flavor, because it was much tastier than expected and the whole family was fighting for the last bite of it And they were very nice and helpful, had my order ready for me *exactly* on time. I'd guess at certain times on certain days, they probably temporarily run out of most of their donuts, so if you want a box of certain flavors or want to get something a particular way (and I do recommend getting the frosted ones without the additional glaze, just better that way), just call them the day before. I will definitely be back here next time we're in North Carolina.



3 years ago

I Always Enjoy My Visit here @ Mercy's Donut Shop...They're Very Friendly and Provide Excellent Service! Not Only do they Offer Delicious Fresh Made Donuts, They also carry Ice Cream & Bubble Tea. Note: I have never had Bubble Tea in My Life and Wow, the "Honey Dew Melon" Flavor is Magnificent! My Favorite Ice Cream is the "Magical Unicorn" it is Splendid...This Place is Awesome!


Elysia Tegui-in

6 months ago

I came across this place because they are one of two places that sell boba/bubble tea in Mooresville. They have several flavors but my favorite is the taro. Also, their doughnuts are delicious! I've never been to this location without having to wait in line. The owners are very personable and they even have karoke if you want to sing a song or two while waiting.

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